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Youth Football Online Selects All Star Deovion Brown

Deovion "Debo" Brown

Name: Deovion “Debo” Brown

State: Michigan

Favorite NFL Team: Seahawks

Favorite College Team: Oregon Ducks

Goals for this Upcoming Season: Continue to work hard and win another championship.

Offensive Skill

Offense: Multiple: Wing T, Power I, and Spread

Position: RB

Favorite Food: Pancakes and sausages for breakfast, loves tacos

Deovion has great size, speed, and athleticism.  He does an excellent job of reading his blocks and getting up field.  He is also a patient runner. He will wait for his blocks to develop and he will explode through any seams.  He is a big taller kid, with a nice long stride.  He has breakaway speed and is very difficult to run down in the open field.  If Deovion gets into the open field the opposing team is in trouble. If a defense does run him down, good luck with the tackle! Deovion has excellent hands as well. He is a nice job of catching the football, securing it, and then getting up field.  His favorite play is the post/ corner route.

One of the other aspects that stood out about Deovion was his effort.  He runs hard and finishes his runs. He refuses to be tackled by one player. On most runs it takes multiple defenders to bring down Deovion.  He understands that just because you are on offense doesn’t mean you cannot hit. He takes the contact to the defenders.  Doevion Brown has great vision, speed, size, confidence, effort, and physicality all traits of a superior running back.

Deovion Brown

Deovion displays excellent work ethic. He attends football camps and works out with his father to prepare for the season.  His priority is not to not allow anyone to out-work him. He doesn’t waste any time either. He loves the grind and the constant work it takes to be successful.

We asked Deovion Brown if he had any advice for youth football running backs, here is what he said:

Do not worry about what you cannot control and just do you.

Deovion favorite aspect about playing running back is gaining yards and moving the chains. If the other team does not have the ball they cannot score.

Defensive Skill

Defense: 43 & 62

Position: DE and LB

Deovion plays defense with great energy and passion. He is very aggressive to the ball carrier. Defense is all about effort. He is always swarming to the football. He never assumes that his teammates will make a play. He plays defense whistle to whistle.  The trade mark of any successful defense is relentless pursuit to the ball carrier and he has that.

Deovion does a nice job of not allowing himself to stay blocked.  He refuses to let the offense block him. He uses his strength and athleticism to beat blocks and make players.  He does a nice job of reading the play and getting to the ball carrier.  Deovion Brown plays football with confidence and with an edge. He also plays a disciplined game. He makes sure he holds his responsibility. When talking to Deovion about defense he talked a lot about how important it is to maintain your responsibility. This is also a testament to how coachable Deovion is.

Deovion is what we call a sure tackler. He uses his athleticism and relentless effort to make plays. He uses proper form when tackling. He takes good angles to the ball carrier, hits with his shoulder pads, keeps his head up, and drives through the ball carrier.  What I notice in his game film was that he does a nice job of getting to the ball carrier and getting his head across the ball carrier when tackling. This is a major reason why he doesn’t miss many tackles.

We asked Deovion Brown what he thought the most vital aspect of defense-

You have to be tackle well and not let the other team score. 

Debo and his parents put great emphasis on education. He currently carries a 3.8 GPA, crediting discipline as the secret of his success.  Debo proudly discussed how he always completes his homework on time.


    • Deovion is 1500 yards rushing and over 600 receiving and 15 touchdowns and a 100 tackles leading his team to the think Detroit PAL Championship this year.
    • Pop Warner state and regional champion and national runner-up
    • AYF state and regional champion and national runner up
    • Deovion also is Think Detroit Pal champion.
    • AYF Rookie of the year/ running back of the year
    • PAL league MVP and PAL league Defensive MVP
    • Deovion is currently the #3 ranked sixth grade running back in the country by NAT sports
    • Nominee for the Brett Cooper Allstar game and a nominee for NUCS underclassmen Allstar game.
    • With invites for U of M and Michigan State games on a regular.