Youth Football Online Selects All-Star Ta’Quan Roberson

Ta'Quan Roberson Youth Football Online

Name: Ta’Quan Roberson

Position: QB/ CB

League: Orange Hurricanes, New Jersey Twin Valley Youth Football

Favorite NFL player: DeSean Jackson

Favorite College Team: Oregon Ducks

Youth Football Offense: Spread

Youth Football Defense: 44

Favorite Play: Cowboy 6 Fade, QB Keep to the Right

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Class: Math

Meet Youth Football Online’s All-Star selection Ta’Quan Roberson. Football intelligence  and excellence in studies are characteristics that we look for and we found them with our latest All-Star selection.

Ta’Quan plays Quarterback with leadership. He is able to coordinate a no huddle offense with great success.  He runs a spread offense with multiple wide receivers.  He finds the open receiver consistently.  Ta’Quan had 19 passing TDs last season, an impressive feat in youth football, he will strive to hit a goal of 20+ touchdowns this season.  His team runs the no huddle, which allows them to call the right play each time.  Ta’Quan is able to get the call from his coaches on the sideline and coordinates the play calls to his teammates.  He is the first YFO All-Star to lead a no huddle offense.  Ta’Quan is a smart kid that operates the no huddle flawlessly. I credit his coaches for having such an explosive well coached offensive attack.

While observing Ta’Quan’s game film, I noticed that he throws a really nice deep ball, one of the best I’ve ever seen. He consistently hits his receivers in stride.  He has great arm strength, but he is also very accurate. Ta’Quan is able to throw any passing route on the field. He also does a nice job on play action passing plays- he really does a nice job faking hand-offs.

YFO: What is the most important point about playing youth football quarterback?

Ta’Quan Roberson: Using my head is important, be smart!

Ta’Quan is not only a great throwing QB- he is an overall great athlete.  He is able to hurt the defense by running the football himself. He is a nightmare on roll out passing plays, he is able to run and throw the ball with accuracy. Ta’Quan runs the zone read play really well.  He is able to read the defensive end, should the DE slant, he pulls the ball. If the defensive end sits he gives to the running back.  It’s rare that an 11 year old QB is able to run a zone read play with consistent success. Ta’Quan can execute any offensive scheme.

“Ta’Quan is a very energetic, charismatic student that understands when it’s time to play and when it’s time to work. He is a leader in group activities and cares about his schoolwork. He is also one who enjoys his time at recess. Taquan is comical and mature and will be missed next year.” – Mrs. B., Ta’Quan’s teacher.

Ta’Quan understands the importance of his studies thanks to his father Michael’s discipline- ‘Homework is a main focus for him, I don’t even have to say anything’.

Congratulations Ta’Quan, continue to work hard and be the best student athlete you can be.

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