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Youth Football Online Selects All-Star QB/LB Corbin LaFrance

corbin lafrance yfo allstar

Name: Corbin LaFrance

Age: 10

Position: QB/LB

Favorite College Football Team: Notre Dame

Favorite NFL Football Team: New Orleans Saints

Favorite NFL Player: Drew Brees

Favorite Food: Buffalo Wings

Offense: Pro-style

Defense: 4-3 Defense

Meet our newest Youth Football Online All-Star- Corbin LaFrance. Corbin is a bright, well-mannered child that is able to explain aspects of the game that many 10 year olds can not. A prime example of what makes up a YFO All-Star- we’re proud to include him into our exclusive program.

After spending time evaluating Corbin’s game film, it is apparent that he has great skills on the football field.  Corbin plays quarterback on offense.What most stood out the most to us was his quick feet, quick release, and his accuracy. Corbin also did a great job feeling pressure, getting away from it and getting the ball out of his hands.  One of his favorite  plays is 21 Dive Bootleg. Corbin says, “ I like this play because allows me to fake to the running back and then bootleg to the opposite side. It will let me have a pass/ run option as well.”  Corbin is a duel threat QB, he can beat you in the air and on the ground. This youth football player consistently demonstrates great leadership skills.  He also possesses a positive attitude and knows how to pump his team up.

YFO asked Corbin- What makes a great football player?  His humble response was: ‘My team makes me a great football player! My RB is great, my center snaps it great.’

Corbin was invited to the Offense-Defense All American Bowl.  He was selected to the “Duel of the Dozens” QB competition.  Corbin was also asked to attend the NUC Top 100 Youth Prospect Camp this past summer. Here is a look into his 2012 season stats:

10 Games played.

Touchdown Passes: 12 TDs, 1 interception.

Rush Touchdowns: 4 TDS.

Passing Yards: 1,100 yards.

Rush Yards: 400 yards.

For a 10 year old QB these are impressive numbers. His stats show his versatility at the QB position.  Corbin’s favorite aspect of playing QB is having the freedom to call his own plays.  He works very hard, all year long, throwing the football and staying active. He enjoys going to open practice with his dad .

“I’ve been coaching for 17 years and I haven’t had a quarterback, a 9 year old, like Corbin LaFrance. His education level is ridiculous! He’s a rare kid; very smart at what he does” – Coach Kedrick Williams

Corbin plays middle linebacker on defense. We talk much about his skills at QB, but he is also a very skilled defender.  His favorite aspect of playing defense is getting sacks and tackling. His advanced football smarts allows him to read offenses and make plays. He is a tough hard-nosed defender.  He loves the contact and does a decent job of getting off blocks and making tackles.

‘I live and breathe football’ – Corbin LaFrance

corbin lafrance nuc

Here is some of Corbin’s defensive stats from the 2012 season:

Sacks: 8

Interception: 1- returned it for a touchdown.

Forced fumbles: 10

Those are some great defensive stats that really show his ability to play linebacker. Corbin is a complete nightmare at QB and middle linebacker.

His grades, similar to his performance on the football field, is nothing less but the best. Corbin has achieved a 4.0 GPA in an advanced school. He enjoys reading for fun, mentioning ‘Friday Night Lights’ a favorite read. He also enjoys humorous books.

“Quarterbacks, always work on your footwork”Corbin’s youth football QB tip 

This youth football player’s  goal for next season is to win the league championship.  He has already begun the preparation for next year. He prides himself on getting better every day. Corbin’s hobbies include baseball and basketball.

“I have a really good coach, he lets me run the shotgun.. it’s a lot of fun”Corbin LaFrance