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Youth Football Online Selects All-Star QB Shane Steinlauf

Name: Shane Steinlauf

Position: QB

Favorite NFL Players:    Tim Tebow / Andrew Luck

Favorite NFL Team:    New York Jets

Favorite College Team:    Stanford University

Favorite Classes:    Music, Spanish

Favorite Books:    ‘Wonder’ by R.J Palacio and ‘The Hobbit’ by J.R Tolkien

Football Offense:    Spread Offense

shane steinlauf yfo all star

Youth Football Online selects Shane Steinlauf as YFO All-Star.  Shane demonstrates leadership abilities at the quarterback position in youth football, in the classroom and in his community. He is the first YFO All-Star selection from New York City.

At the quarterback position, Shane is a very accurate thrower.  He is consistently accurate because he throws the ball with perfect form. He is able to throw all kinds of passing patterns with great touch. Also of note is Shane’s demonstration of excellent footwork and quick release.  After further evaluation of Shane’s game film I notice that he throws the football on the run well. He is able to roll out to both the right and left with great effectiveness. When rolling out, Shane also does a good job of either getting rid of the football or using his athleticism to gain yardage with his legs.  We asked Shane- what is the most important aspects of playing quarterback? Shane replied‘Be accurate, get out of trouble, and see the field.’

qb shane steinlauf qb

Having a consistent work ethic is a main contributing factor to obtaining  success playing youth football. Shane Steinlauf diligently works hard in the off-season to be the very best he can be on the football field. He works with QB guru Todd Krueger on all aspects of playing quarterback. Aside from his training with Coach Krueger, Shane received personal training from his football coach after his first and second years of playing tackle football.  He is now receiving training from highly regarded trainer Rudys Santana and, more recently, he started training at Velocity Sports Performance in NYC. He also throws with his father a few times during the week for practice. He works on throwing completions, accuracy and improving his footwork. Shane is always striving to get better.

YFO: What makes a great football player?

Shane Steinlauf:  Drive to work hard in practice, do whatever it takes, be mentally strong and have a little heart – if you get knocked down, get back up again!

Shane is not just a solid QB, but he is also a great leader. He did a great job of leading his inexperienced team to a competitive season in 2012.  Shane is always positive with his teammates and always tries to pump them up.  Shane is mentally tough as well (another benefit to playing youth football).  He made us understand during the interview that he prides himself on leading the team and performing well under pressure.  Shane emphasizes listening to get better every day.

‘Shane’s a model kid that’s shaping up to be a fantastic athlete. Shane has the educational advantage and he’s comfortable and confident playing quarterback. He has great form and fantastic feet!’ – Coach Edde Law

Shane offers a tip for other youth football players- ‘Play with heart and if something doesn’t go right, do not stop there, keep trying..’ 

What stood out most to us during our interview with Shane was how well he spoke. He is a smart kid that talks direct and with decisive intensity. He is also well mannered and his parents are great people. Shane has great support from his family which is undoubtedly helping his development.

Shane has achieved accomplishments within his community. He has participated in many community service events, including delivering meals to the elderly in NYC with his school and packaging meals with the Health and Humanitarian Foundation for starving families in Ghana.  He has also traveled and volunteered in Memphis, Tennessee to help the indigent.

Shane’s proud dad, Dr. Adam Steinlauf, had final words to describe his son- ‘Shane keeps his wits, he has great poise..’. These are traits that will allow Shane to excel on the football field and in life.

Check out Shane Steinlauf highlight video: