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Youth Football Online Selects All-Star QB Brady Martin

New Rules of Youth Football

Name: Brady Martin

Position: QB and Safety

Favorite NFL Player: Russell Wilson

Favorite College Team/ Player: Florida Gators/ Tim Tebow

Offense: Multiple

Goals: To make it to the NFL, be an ESPN commentator or an architect

Hobbies: Lacrosse, baseball and basketball

Favorite Foods: Chicken and rice / pre-game- banana and granola bar

Meet our newest Youth Football Online All-Star selection- Brady Martin. Brady is not just a gifted youth football quarterback with a “golden arm”- he is an outstanding leader.  During our interview, Brady talked about the leadership qualities necessary to be a good quarterback.  He loves getting his team hyped up prior to and during games. Brady prides himself on staying positive with his team when things are not going their way.  Brady is not just an effective verbal leader on the field, but he leads by example.  Worth ethic is a key to his success as he is always training hard at practice and at home.  Brady trains with his father, grandfather and a trainer. He has outstanding work ethic and has the desire to improve every single day.

Brady has a monster arm at the youth football level (that’s to put it mildly). What stood out is his arm strength and accuracy on his deep throws.  He is able to lead the receiver, allowing him to catch the football in stride.  Brady is able to make the proper reads and find the open receiver on a consistent basis.  His favorite play (Twins Right X) is a roll out pass that gives him a run/pass option. Brady can beat you with his arm or his legs. He can use his feet to get out of trouble and find an open receiver.
He is a mobile QB that can hurt defenses. Brady is an exceptional athlete that is always working hard to improve, he stays very humble also.  Brady does an excellent job of controlling the tempo and coordinating his no-huddle, fast offense.

All-Star QB Brady Martin

During our interview Brady said, “ I try to stay humble, because there is always someone better than you. I just try to work hard and get better everyday”.

What stands out– Brady’s passion for the game. “I love the couple of minutes before the game where I get my team pumped up in the tunnel.  I get goosebumps, love the nervousness and butterfly feelings.”  “ I just feel blessed to be able to play this game and I will never take it for granted, it is the best sport. I play every play like it’s my last”  -Brady Martin

YFO All-Star Brady Martin’s achievements:

  • 3 time Central Massachusetts AYF All-star.
  • Honor roll student.
  • 5 time O-D All-American.
  • Candidate for Youth Football USA team.
  • Awarded Top Gun at FBU camp this past year.

4 Questions with Brady:

YFO: Do you have a favorite book?

Brady Martin: I love biographies, I’m reading Tim Tebow’s book.

YFO: If you had a super power what would it be?

Brady Martin: I would want a time machine to go back in time, so I could figure out and fix my game problems.

YFO: The ability to disappear would be helpful as a mobile quarterback, wouldn’t you prefer that?

Brady Martin: No, because I would want to beat my opponent fairly.

YFO: What lesson have you learned from playing football?

Brady Martin: Be a leader, be respectful, be thankful for what you have because some kids can’t even play this sport.

Brady absolutely loves the game of youth football and we’re proud to have him be a part of our elite group of youth football players.