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Youth Football Online All-Star – QB Daron Craig Bryden

Name: Daron Craig Bryden

Organization: Manchester Sentinals, Central Mass Pop Warner League, Manchester, CT

Age Level: (9-10-11) Jr. Pee Wee Pop Warner.

Daron Bryden is one of the top youth football quarterbacks in the nation. He is coached by highly respected QB Coach Todd Krueger.  Check out our exclusive interview with our All-Star selection.

Coach Jeff: Do you have a favorite college or NFL team?

Daron: My favorite college team is UConn. My favorite NFL team is Pittsburgh Steelers.


Coach Jeff: How many seasons of youth football have you played?

Daron: This season will be my 4th year of playing football.

Coach Jeff: What offense does your team run?

Daron: This year Coach Elmore will run Spread Offense because he loves the way I pass.

Coach Jeff: What are your expectations for the next youth football season?

Daron: I know I will be passing a lot, and playing Spread Offense/Shotgun.  We will have a good team and make the playoffs. I think we have a good team to go to Florida this season.  I am excited to play for my new Coach Elmore because he is a good coach.

Coach Jeff: What is your favorite play from your youth football offense?  The way you throw the ball I assume it’s a passing play.

Daron: My favorite Offense Play from last year is Jet Left/Right Offense because I roll out and pass.  I love passing to my two favorite wide receivers AJ Alibrio and Logan Tomlinson.

Coach Jeff: What is the most difficult aspect of playing Quarterback for you?
Daron: Moving quickly in the pocket with opponents getting ready to sack me.

Coach Jeff: You throw a real nice ball, how much time have you spent practicing? Who taught you how to throw so well?
Daron:I have been practicing with my Daddy 1-3x a week depending my schedule. My Quarterback Coach, Travis Meyer taught me to throw the ball so well!  I am very lucky to have Travis help me. (Daron now trains with QB Coach Todd Krueger)

Coach Jeff: You are 8 years old playing youth football Jr Pee Wee level, how do you think you were able to keep up with 10 and 11 years?
Daron: Playing against 10-11 year old players were both easy and hard. I had a lot of coaches and players from other teams coming up to me after the game telling me that I did a good job and I was a great Quarterback. They were shocked I was only 8.

Coach Jeff: What are some traits besides executing youth football plays, throwing and running the ball do you feel is required to be a successful Quarterback?
Daron: To practice a lot like throwing a lot, you have to have your 3 and 5 step drops right, when you throw up “L” and you must love the game.

Coach Jeff: What was your must satisfying moment so far during your young youth football career?
Daron: My best game last year was against one of the best teams in our division was against Worcester, MA. I went 1-4 passing in first half and 6-6 passing in the 2nd Half. I made a nice throw to Logan(18 yards in the air on my rollout play and Logan ran for another 50 yards!) My other wr, AJ was awesome he caught all of my passes.  We lost but we played so hard as a team!  I was mobbed after the game with fans, coaches, and players coming up to me.

Coach Jeff:  I know you’re young and have many years before you have to decide but where do you see yourself in 10 years from now when you’re a young adult? What do you want to be when you grow up?
Daron: I went to camps and a lot of QB coaches told me I am a great QB and will be dangerous in the future.  I want to be a NFL QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers! I hope to play for UConn after high school because it is closer to home so my daddy, mommy, my brother Jaxon and my sister Mikaela could come to watch me play.


Check out Daron’s highlights from last football season!


Daron, it’s great that you love football so much, you have great potential. At your young age you have a strong will to work hard and improve. You have a strong family base that supports you. The mixture of your potential and your family support is a recipe for success. As a quarterback you need to lead your team- through good and bad.  Lead your team well; always have confidence in yourself, teammates and coaches.  Keep working hard, do well in school, the sky is the limit. I look forward to following you throughout year.

I would like to thank Daron and his parents for agreeing to this interview, they are doing a wonderful job with their son. They understand the positive effects of youth sports.

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