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Youth Football Online All-Star Selects OL/DL/LB Caden Clark

caden clark massilion youth football online all-star

Player Name: Caden Clark

Team: Massillon Tigers

Conference: Independent

Age: 10

Position: OL, DL & LB

Favorite NFL Player: Calvin Johnson

Favorite NFL Team: Detroit Lions

Favorite College Team: Ohio State Buckeyes

Future Goals: Attend Ohio State University and Play in the NFL

Offense: I formation & Shotgun

Defense: 4-3

Favorite Class: Music

Meet Youth Football Online All Star Selection Caden Clark. Excellence in character, studies and football define this youth football player.  Caden joins his brother Danny Clark as the first YFO All-Star sibling duo.  As we interviewed Caden and his dad, we collectively agreed that this kid is sharp; astute for his young age. He spoke with decisiveness and was very enthusiastic about football and his studies.

Caden Clark is a monster on the offensive line. He blocks with physicality and effort. He prides himself on being the best offensive linemen he can be. He blocks extremely well, and with solid technique.  Caden has great size and power- he presents many problems for defensive linemen.  Youth Football Running backs tend to get much of the attention, though it’s solid offensive line play that creates running opportunities.  With Caden Clark blocking, you will always get positive yardage.  If you are defensive linemen and you have to line up over Caden Clark – good luck!

“Caden knows the game so well for his age as he just retains everything very quickly. He is the biggest and fasted player on the field every game. He Could play any position. Very team Oriented. Team always comes first.” – Coach K.

Caden not only dominates on offense, he takes over a game on defense. Caden plays nose guard, defensive end, and linebacker.  This is kid is unblockable.  He is a big strong kid that plays with great effort. If you are an offensive linemen and you have Caden Clark in front of you, you are in for a long game.

“Caden,  for a young person, has his priorities in order.  He understands the value of his education; he applies the same ethic to his schoolwork as he does to football. He always wants to do something more – always strives to do better. Caden treats his classmates very well, a very kind and considerate person, a peacemaker. A very very special kid. I feel so fortunate to be able to teach him. When he does mess up, he’s able to admit that he was wrong. I’ve had some wonderful kids come through, but Caden is special. – Caden’s teacher Mrs. H.

Caden Clark is an avid reader. He told us about a current book on his reading list, ‘Rules’ by Cynthia Lord, a fictional story about a young girl’s relationship with her autistic brother. Caden’s love of reading is refreshing as reading is a lost interest in today’s internet and gaming generation.

Caden credits his dad with teaching him hard work ethic. He diligently practices everyday for the upcoming youth football season. Dad Jeff Clark says- “Older brother Danny gets all the attention but I’ve never had to say a single word to Caden, he is a flat out workhorse, more than any dad could ever dream for.”

Caden’s athletic talents are not limited to just football. He also excels playing basketball.  He recently won a league championship game by hitting a buzzer beating shot. Caden lists music has a hobby, he has a passion for singing.

“From playing youth football, I’ve learned teamwork and how to work to achieve a goal.  It’s also a lot of fun.” – Caden Clark

Here’s Caden’s highlight video: