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Youth Football Online All Star Selection- RG/NG Isreal Araiza

Izzy Araiza Youth Football Online All Star

Name: Isreal “Izzy” Araiza

Nickname: “Mayhem”

Age: 11 years old

Organization: Pop Warner Youth Football League, Arizona

Team Name: Ravens

Position: Right Guard and Nose Guard

Favorite NFL Team: Eagles

Favorite College Team: Florida Gators

Offense: Wishbone         Defense: 4-3

Favorite Play:  48 Power

Future Goal: Go to Florida University and make it to the NFL

Favorite Subject in School:  Math

Meet Youth Football Online’s All-Star selection Izzy Araiza. Football dominance, character, and educational excellence are words that best describe this youth football athlete.

Izzy Araiza

Izzy plays both the offensive and defensive lines. During our interview with Izzy, he said “If you do not block for the running backs they will not get anywhere”, a true statement.  While watching Izzy’s highlight videos I discovered that this kid takes blocking to a whole new level. I have never seen a youth player that has this much pride about playing the offensive line. He pulls, traps, and lead blocks with great power and energy. People love to praise the running back, but when you have Izzy blocking for your team any running back will have a great game.  One of his goals per game is to tally up a large number of “pancakes” (knocking a defender down when you block them). He is also the most aggressive offensive linemen I have ever seen on the youth level, bar none.

“From the beginning I could tell that he was a quiet kid with tremendous ability.  Izzy has always played against kids that are older and bigger to better challenge himself..” says Izzy’s coach, Dave Hibbert.

Izzy is a nightmare on the defensive line. He blows up plays in the offensive backfield consistently each game.  He gets off blocks on ball movement and makes a lot of plays. When you have good offensive line play, your running backs will have success. Same goes for the defensive line- having Izzy play the defensive line really frees up his team’s linebackers, allowing them to make plays. Control the line of scrimmage and you will control the game. Izzy controls the line of scrimmage on defense and offense, which is a main reason why his team has so much success.

“Youth football is really important to me because it’s taught me to be disciplined; be more respectful” says Izzy Araiza.

Excellence in school is very important to Izzy.  He maintains a 4.0 grade point average in his studies, a feat that he works very hard to accomplish.  During our interview, Izzy’s mom talked about the importance of school, saying to Izzy-“Have to keep those grades up, keep those grades up”.

Izzy has set a high standard for himself.  His first goal for the upcoming youth football season is to help his team achieve another winning season.  Izzy’s team has gone 22-1 the past two seasons. His personal goal is to get as many sacks and “pancakes” as he can. In 2010, he was on the line when his team needed 50 yards with 2 minutes to go to win.  His Midget football team won the game and captured the National Championship in N.Y.S (National Youth Sports).

Izzy’s hobbies include mixed martial arts, swimming, basketball and playing the saxophone.

Izzy, congratulations on being selected as a All-Star.  Your extraordinary dedication to youth football and to your studies serves as a great inspiration.

izzy araiza youth football