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Youth Football Online All-Star Selection – QB/LB Danny Clark

Danny Clark Youth Football Online All-Star

Name:  Danny Clark

Age: 13

Team: Massillon Tigers,  Massillon Ohio

Position: Quarterback/ Linebacker

Height/Weight: 6’2 / 180 pounds

Favorite NFL Player: Tim Tebow and Michael Vick

Favorite College Team: Ohio State Buckeyes

Future Goals:  To be a Quarterback in the NFL

Offense: Spread offense/ I-formation

Favorite Play: Bootleg- when he has the run/pass option

Favorite Class:  Social Studies

Hobbies:  Collecting football cards and weightlifting

Youth football dominance, great character and educational excellence are traits that we look for when we select a YFO All-Star. We believe we have found these characteristics in our latest selection.  Meet Youth Football Online’s newest All-Star Danny Clark.

Danny has been playing youth football since he was 6 years old. He leads his team playing the quarterback and linebacker positions.  At quarterback, what impresses us most about Danny is his arm strength.  He can really throw a football with some zip! He also throws a remarkably deep ball with great accuracy and power. After analyzing Danny’s highlight film, it’s clear that he does a great job reading defenses. On his roll out passes he doesn’t always just take off and run, he keeps his head up and surveys down field. Danny also goes through with all of his fakes really well. Often times I see quarterbacks do lame fakes on play-action passing plays, not with Danny.

danny clark massillon ohio

Danny Clark is a major threat on boot-leg plays. He loves rolling out and having the run option should every receiver be covered down field. He is a great athlete with great size at his young age (height 6’2, weight 180 pounds); he is truly tough to bring down in the open field.  He also executes the QB draw and powers like a running back. He does a great job finding holes and running the ball well. Danny can beat a defense with his arm or his legs which makes him a complete nightmare for opposing coaches to game plan against.

Danny understands that playing the quarterback position takes a lot of practice. He works tirelessly on perfecting his footwork.  “I am always trying to get better, I work on my footwork and timing every week” said Danny during our interview.  His preparation is extensive and he’s serious about it.  Danny works out (3 times a week) and throws passes every night.

Danny Clark has had much success in his youth football career thus far yet he remains humble.   During our interview, he insisted that he made one thing clear- “None of my success is possible without the big guys up front”. Danny also understands that there is more to playing quarterback than just throwing the football. He is a ferocious competitor, hard worker and a great young leader.

Danny Clark’s 3 Keys to Playing Youth Football Quarterback:

  1. Be a good leader
  2. Have great footwork
  3. Have the right mindset

“We feel like Danny has all the natural attributes you look for in a premier Quarterback. Danny has outstanding size, great arm strength, intelligence and leadership skills. He displays a maturity beyond his 7th grade years and has an outstanding support network at home. We are excited about his development to this point and his potential to help the varsity Tigers in the coming years.” said Massillon varsity high school coach, Coach Hall.

Excellence isn’t limited to the football field, Danny Clark is a stellar student.  According to his teacher Mrs. S., Danny is very advanced in language arts.  He always has a handle of what’s going on in class and asks the right questions.  Mrs. S. praised Danny’s presentation abilities which can be attributed to the communication skills learned while participating in youth football.  His teacher also spoke highly about Danny’s friendly demeanor- “Danny always says hello and goodbye; he shows respect to his teachers”.

Danny, congratulations on being selected as a Youth Football Online All-Star.  This acknowledgement is for all the hard work you have put in. Continue forward with great intensity.  You’re a solid role model for kids everywhere.

“I always shoot for the stars” – Danny Clark.

Danny Clark has been selected to the Junior Rank Academic All American game January 2, 2012 in Phoenix Arizona.  He is also a FBU Top Gun Invitee.