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YFO All-stars Selects RB/S/CB Adrian Rodriguez

Name: Adrian Rodriguez

Offense: Wing-T

Team: Buda Bandits

Position: RB/S/CB

Favorite College Team: Texas

Favorite NFL Team: Ravens

Favorite Football Memory: When he scored his first touchdown, off a kick return

Favorite Food: Pancakes

Today we introduce our newest Youth Football Online All-star selection, Adrian Rodriguez. Adrian is an explosive athlete! After going through numerous highlight films, it is apparent that Adrian is always one of the fastest players on the football field. This youth football athlete runs very hard and uses his speed well- he is able to make of plays because of his impressive speed.

Adrian was asked- If you could have one super-power what would it be? He responded- Super strength, because I already have super speed”.

Adrian has excellent running back vision. He does a superior job of reading and cutting off of his blocks. Adrian is decisive with his cuts in his pursuit upfield.  Adrian knows how to make moves on defenders. He will take a few steps up-field and then explode outside, leaving defenders off-balanced.  He is a smart + aggressive running back. A perfect combination in youth football.

He puts a lot of time and focus into proper preparation. We asked Adrian to give us a key tip for other youth football players:

‘Always be ready for everything and anything.’


Adrian’s 3 Benefits that come with participating in youth football:

  • Gets energy out.
  • Keeps you busy and in shape because you are always running and exercising.
  • Makes you stronger both mentally and physically.

On defense- Adrian plays both cornerback and safety. He loves playing defensive back because he is the last line of defense. Seemingly, Adrian enjoys the challenge of trying to tackle a running back in the open field. He is a sure tackler and plays the ball well in the air.  Adrian proves to be an astute football player that acts with certainty; making sure he understands his responsibilities.

Adrian Rodriguez

Adrian’s Off-season Keys:

  1. Ladder drills
  2. Practice with Dad
  3. Use a parachute for speed training
  4. Attend camps
  5. Track and field

Adrian stressed the importance of performing well not just on the football field, but in the classroom as well. He explained that his goal is to play college football, and in order for him to reach his goal he must perform well in school. During our interview, Adrian called out science as being his favorite area of study because he enjoys doing ‘cool projects’. We think Adrian refers to the solar power project he completed last year. Adrian also discussed with us his love for reading fantasy genre novels, naming a book about various people going on a big adventure- Amulet -as a favorite.

Dad Geronimo describes Adrian as a quiet kid, but once you get to know him, he’ll make friends with anyone. We did not sense a quiet kid during our interview- Adrian was open to discuss football and decisive with his answers, he truly impressed us.

‘Everybody should try to play football.. if you fall, just get up and try again.’ – Adrian Rodriguez