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YFO Selects International All Star Vivian Osadebe

Vivian Osadebe

Name: Vivian Osadebe

Country: Austria

Position: OL/MLB

Team: Jr Tigers

Favorite NFL Team: Carolina Panthers

Favorite Player: Luke Kuechly

We are happy to announce our second international Youth Football Online All Star- Vivian Osadebe. She is our second international all-star, but she is our first girl youth football all-star!  She plays youth football for the Jr Tigers Youth Football League in Austria.

YFO Selects International All Star Vivian Osadebe

What stood out the most was her passion for the game for football. She loves the physical aspect and she has the willingness to compete against the boys. She is a very strong and smart girl. She is always working and playing hard. She is very coachable  and is always on time and ready to go. The first time I saw Vivian play was at our international youth football camp. Right off the bat, she displayed her work ethic. During the first phase of the camp we worked on agility drills. She gave a 100% effort and finished every single drill. She was always ready to go and she would always run on the field.

During our one on one blocking session (live blocking) she was one of the better linemen at the entire camp. She plays with an edge, and always goes hard. She was relentless throughout the drills. She actually had two pancakes. Everyone one knew that if you lined up against her you better bring it. She is very aggressive and has no fear of bigger players. It was spectacular to watch. During our interview she talk a lot about how she loves football and she is always trying to get better. She is a very smart girl, spoke very well, and she is bilingual, she speaks German and English very well.

What do u like best about American Football?

Vivian: I like to play team sports with other tanagers. I like being part of a team and to really be focused on the football.

YFO: What do you like best about playing the offensive line?

Vivian: I like to push other players down the field and pancake them. I also like to protect the QB and my teammates. The offensive line is very important.

YFO: What do you like best about playing the Middle Linebacker?

Vivian:  I like getting to the running back and making a tackle.

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YFO: What made you want to play football?

Vivian: My mother played football and she coaches football.  Football has always interested me. In the beginning, it was hard, I thought the boys were stronger, after a while it was no problem.

YFO: Why is it good for kids to play football?

Vivian: You can learn how to pay attention, be part of a team. Being apart of a big team is like a second family. You can show how strong you are.

YFO: How important is School?

Vivian: It is important because you can learn so many things. I want to do something with sports when I’m done. I would like to coach one day.

YFO: What is your favorite class?

Vivian:  Anatomy, I like to learn how to train muscles how the body works.

YFO: Why should kids play?

Vivian: Position for everyone, not like soccer where you can’t be physical and hit people. I like being part of the team and making new friends.

YFO: How important is nutrition?

Vivian: Very important, you cant have sweets and junk food before practice.It is important to drink water.

YFO: What does it take to be a good offensive lineman?

Vivian: Be focused, know what you have to do . Be focused.

YFO: What does it take to be a good Middle Linebacker?

Vivian: Be focused but also be aggressive.

YFO: If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Vivian: Flying it would be easier to fly because in Austria the train system is not the best.

YFO: Why should girls play football?

Vivian: She should start playing football because so she can show people that she’s strong, that girls can play football against boys. It will help self-esteem. People say that football is not for girls, but that is not true. Boys think they are better but when girls show them, then they understand.

YFO: How do you train for football?

Vivian: 3 times to the gym, weekend I do conditioning agility drills, and practice with team.

YFO: How would you Recruit girls to play football?

Vivian: I think you should because you as a girl  can show boys how strong you are. You can hit like a boy and block and catch, there is no difference between boys and girls. We are all football players.

YFO: What are your future goals?

Vivian: I want to play football on a high level as a girl, I want to go as far as possible.

YFO: Are you scared of injuries?

Vivian: If you train well,  the risk of injuries is much less.

Alexandra Osadebe (mother): Sometimes a bit, introverted, she had some bad experiences in life- when she started playing football, she transformed all of her sadness. After the death of her friend, she found friends with team. This brought out her strong part, showed has potential for leadership. I’m very proud of her. She is serious but funny, happy person. The sport helped her to love herself.

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