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YFO All-Stars Selects RB/S Aamar Foat

Aamar Foat YFO All-Star

Name: Aamar Foat

State: NJ

Position: RB/S

Team: Franklin Warriors

Division: Tiny Mites

Favorite College Team: Rutgers University

Favorite Player: Darrelle Revis

Favorite Book: Goosebumps by R.L Stine

Favorite Play: Hulk Smash-  Dive play, up the middle!

Today we introduce our newest Youth Football Online All-Star, running back/ safety Aamar Foat. Aamar plays the running back position as a physical runner, as noted by his favorite play call, “Hulk Smash”.  The play is designed to give Aamar the football straight up the middle of the defense. This allows him to get downhill and to take it to the defense. This youth football athlete is very good between the tackles; is able to use his athletic ability and breakaway speed to make plays.

Aamar’s favorite aspect of playing running back is scoring and blocking with his teammates. And his blocks are vicious, it is apparent that his sole objective is to get his opponent to the ground.

YFO: What does it take to be a good running back?

Aamar: To be a good running back, take your time and keep moving your feet. Make touchdowns and make the team happy! 

Defensively, Aamar plays safety, a position he prefers because he is able to see the whole field. This gives him the ability to get to the football and make tackles. During our interview, he stressed the importance of following the ball and making a sure tackle. Aamar also impressively pointed out to us how important it is to play until the whistle. ‘Never give up on a play’!

YFO: What has football taught you so far?

Aamar: To always try and get better. It also taught me discipline. To listen to my coaches and take directions.  It also teaches you how to win and lose. It teaches you to try hard and compete.

At his youthful age, Aamar takes training very seriously. His routine consists of pull-ups, pushups, and training at the field.

The importance of performing well in school is well understood by Aamar, but it does not end in the classroom. At home, Aamar and his dad sometimes find themselves arguing about an approach to a math problem. A wrong answer will likely lead to pushups for either of the Foats, so they are careful with their responses.

“Aamar is a pleasure to have in the classroom and is a hard worker!” says teacher, Jennifer Schellenberg.

“My son is an awesome person. He really cares about his family, he wants to be involved in every activity our family is into. We have a great relationship as he is my best friend. He is my mini-me. We do everything together, watch sports, talk about sports and work out together. He has a lot of heart for a little kid!” – Dad, Alan.


“He’s a quiet kid, but once he puts the helmet on, he’s a different person. As long as he gets the win, that’s all he cares about. As long as it gets done, he’s going to put his all into getting the win.” –says Aamar’s mom. 

Aamar Foat YFO Allstars

Aamar loves football because he gets to play the sport with his friends. He enjoys being a part of a team and the thrill of competition. His off-season goal is to work tirelessly during the winter months; training with his dad.  Aamar’s ultimate goal is to win a championship next season.