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YFO All-Stars Selects QB James Cooper Jr.

James Cooper Jr Youth Football

Name: James Cooper Jr.

Grade: 6th

Position: QB/LB

Favorite College Team: Notre Dame University

Favorite NFL Team: Denver Broncos

Goals for 2015 Season: ‘Throw more touchdown passes than last season.’

Stats: 40 Passing TDS & 13 Rushing TDS

Offense: Spread Formation

Meet our newest YFO All-Star selection James Cooper Jr.  James is an imposing dual threat quarterback, able to beat opponents by throwing and by running the football.  This youth football player throws an excellent deep ball, displaying both accuracy and a strong arm. He can throw from the pocket or deliver a pass while on the run.  One of his best strengths is his ability to see the field. After posting balanced stats in the prior season, we note that James is a well rounded QB that can throw short, mid & deep routes, while also having the ability to run with the football. Opposing defensive coaches undoubtedly have problems preparing for James.

James Cooper Jr not only lights it up playing QB, but he is also an excellent linebacker. James prides himself on reading the backfield and being quick to the football. James is masterful at getting to the ball carrier and securing the tackle. During our interview, he was sure to stress the importance of being a sure tackler. James also works a lot on his pursuit to the ball carrier- beating blocks, pursuit angles, and finishing the tackle. He’s determined to grind until his goal is attained.

Dominating school is of the utmost importance to James Cooper Jr. During our interview, he candidly talked about the importance of getting A’s and B’s, stating ‘If I get a C, I get really mad!’. James has completed his placement tests for middle school and tested at an 11th grade level for math and 8th grade level for reading. His favorite teacher happens to be his gym teacher, because he pushes James to be his best.

james cooper jr

5 Questions with James Cooper Jr:

1. YFO: What does it take to be a good QB?

James: You must be able to see the field. You need to be a leader out there and you need to be accurate with your throws.

2. YFO: What has football taught you?

James: Football has taught me that you have to be a good leader and you have to keep your focus. 

3. YFO: What are you doing during the offense to prepare for the upcoming season?

James: I go to the gym 5 times a week with my Dad. I run on the treadmill a lot, and throw the football a lot. Nutrition is important, I make sure I eat right.

4. YFO: What are 3 tips for successful linebacker play?

James: You must be quick to the football, be a good tackler and be able to read the offense. 

5. YFO: What would you say is your biggest strength on the football field? 

James:  My biggest strength would be my ability to see the field.

James’ dad tells us about his son’s community service- ‘At a young age, James love to give back to his community. He spent a weekend last year picking up garbage along the streets with the Rockford Ravens, his former team.  He also helps out frequently at the Boys and Girls Club, cleaning up and passing out snacks for other kids, as well as any other small things that are needed.  He is also the ball boy for our Varsity football team Harlem High School, which speaks to his love of the game.’

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