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Youth Football Online All-Star Selection- RB/QB/WR/DE Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson with Marlon McCree
Coach David Justice with Mark

Name: Mark Johnson

Age: 12

League: Del Norte Nighthawks Youth Football, American Youth Football League

Position:  Running Back, Quarterback, Wide Receiver, Defensive End

Offense: I formation and Wishbone

Defense: 4-4

Favorite Play: Counter

Favorite NFL Team/ Player: Philadelphia Eagles/ Adrian Peterson

Favorite College Team: USC Trojans

Favorite Class:  Science

Hobbies:  Wrestling, Basketball & track

Meet Youth Football Online All-Star selection Mark Johnson.  Mark is an overall solid youth football running back. He blocks, catches, and runs the ball extremely well.  After watching Mark’s highlight film it was obvious he has great vision on the football field. He was able to find the creases and explode through the hole.  All great running backs have good vision.  He cuts off blocks really well and is an excellent open field running back.

Mark has a great balance of speed and power.  He is able to run hard through tacklers, always keeping his legs pumping through contact.  Mark also has great speed, this kid is a burner. Mark is able to use his speed to make something out of nothing.  If this kid gets into the open field a youth football defense is most likely in trouble. Mark is difficult to tackle in space and is really tough to run down because of his size and speed.  At 12 years old, Mark is 5’ 7” 125 lbs. with 5.2 forty speed.

Mark has goals set for this upcoming season- he wants to score 15 touchdowns and run for over 1,000 yards. He also credits his offensive line, Mark says “they do a great job blocking for me”.

Mark Johnson not only dominates on offense, he is a pretty good on the defensive end as well. Mark is a great athlete that can use his speed to get to the football and make tackles. He also does a great job of using his hands when he is losing a block.  Mark has a great motor; he always plays at full speed.  We’re impressed with this talented youth football player.

“Mark Johnson is a special kid, he has the ‘it’ factor.  He’s a kid with character, a sweet sweet kid, one of those kids who you want to coach.  Mark has a big smile, you just know he’s going to be successful.” – Coach McCall

Mark Johnson with Marlon McCree
Coach Marlon McCree and Mark Johnson


Mark’s parents have instilled the importance of education excellence.  “One of the most important things in life is school, Mom and Dad always say do great in school!” said Mark.

Throughout our interview with Mark and his dad, we were impressed with this young football player’s maturity. It’s this maturity that keeps this young man focused on success. Mark lists running the bleachers with his brother as one of his favorite things to do, evidence that he’s serious about training.

Mark’s teacher Mrs. B says – “Mark is a terrific young man. He is always pleasant and cooperative. Mark is respectful and kind to both adults and peers. It has been a pleasure to work with him this year”.

Check out Mark’s highlight film: