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YFO All-Star Selection: Elijah Cabrera

Elijah Cabrera

Meet Youth Football Online’s All-Star selection Elijah Cabrera. Football dominance, character and educational excellence are traits that we found with our latest All-Star selection.   He is a respectful young man with very good communication skills. We are happy to welcome Elijah to our elite team of national youth football all-stars.


Let’s start off with saying- Elijah is one of the better players at middle linebacker found at the youth football level. What stood out to me on his game film was his ability to find the ball and make a tackle. Elijah plays down hill and is nearly impossible to block. He has a relentless motor and is always around the ball.  He plays down hill, gets off blocks, and finds the ball-carrier on a consistent basis.   He has great block shedding skills. He rips through defenders rather than go around them.  Many times a youth football linebacker will try to go around the blocker, ultimately taking themselves right out of the play. Elijah takes on the blocker, sheds him and makes the sure tackle.  He takes good angles to the ball carrier and really flies to the football.  His aggressive mentality, block shedding, and tackling skills really show through his game films.

Elijah Cabrera has great football sense. He understands and reads the game really well.  One of the main factors that contributes to his success is his football IQ and natural instincts. He is a sharp kid that is about to sniff out plays and attack downhill. He also loves to blitz. When Elijah is called to blitz, boy does he blitz!  His blitzes are hard and truly difficult to block. Hence the fact that he already has 4 sacks this season and his team has only played half of their games.

We ask Elijah to give some tips for other youth football players he said, “just try to get better every single day, always look to improve as a player.  Also, stay committed to the game, being smart in school will help you be smart on the field.”

 Here is Elijah Cabrera’s youth football resume:

  • Won 3 league championships
  • 2 MVPS
  • 1 Defensive player of the year award
  • Played in the O-D All American  game in the Dallas Cowboy stadium
  • Lead team in tackles in 2012 with 68

Elijah is not only a tackling machine, he is an excellent running back.  Elijah has 5 touchdowns this season already. Elijah is a tough runner and loves to deliver blows to the defenders trying to tackle him. He understands that just because you are running with the ball that doesn’t mean you cannot deliver the contact. He runs really hard and with attitude.  Every time he touches the ball he has the mentality that it will take multiple defenders to tackle him.

Elijah prides himself on blocking for his teammates, in fact, he loves it.  Unselfish players love leading the other running backs into the end-zone. He is a excellent all around player that takes his ability to be an excellent blocker pretty seriously.   We asked Elijah what was his favorite aspect of playing offense he stated, “ I love blocking and pancaking defenders for the other running backs.”

5 Fun Elijah Cabrera Facts: 

  1. If he had a superpower it would be to have super strength to hit hard (while maintaining a big heart).
  2. Wants to be an NFL player when older, or own a business.
  3. An avid reader, loves to read fantasy books.
  4. Loves to eat carrots and fruits the night before game day. In the morning loves cereal.
  5. Loves math and art classes because his teachers make learning fun.

Elijah is a very smart and respectful young man. He has a strong family support and he is focused on doing well not only on the football field but in the classroom as well boasting a 3.5 GPA.  Football has helped Elijah in other sports, taught him discipline in school and be good to fellow classmates and family.

Elijah’s dad has a passion and love for the game. Always pushes him to be better-

Elijah’s dad Steven comments on his play:  He’s one kid that understands the game. He’s pretty strong, can take on multiple blockers and still make the tackle.  He wants to step up this year. Have filmed every game for 6 years.. Elijah’s a quiet humble kid. I get him the best football stuff as an incentive to do well.