Wildcat Formation: Beast Right 16 Power

Wildcat Formation: Beast Right 16 Power Play is a direct snap play that attacks off-tackle. When we execute this play we will take out our QB and put in our best running back. Having the ball carrier receive the snap and run will give you an extra blocker at the point of attack. If you have an athletic QB that can carry the football you can execute this play with your QB.  This play will allow the ball carrier to keep his eyes up field and not have to worry about taking a hand-off. The direct snap football play will get the QB/RB the ball 4 yards in the backfield, which will allow him to adjust his path and really get downhill quickly.  Eliminating the hand-off will speed the play up and will allow the running back to get himself up-field.

Wildcat Formation: Beast Right 16 Power Blocking Rules:

Center: Block backside A-gap defender. If the he has a head up nose guard, he then blocks the nose guard.

Right Guard: Inside-over-free blocking scheme. You can have the(RG) and (C) double team a nose guard if the center is having trouble blocking him.

Right Tackle: Inside-over-free blocking rules.

Left Guard: Inside-over-free blocking rules.

Left Tackle: Inside-over-free blocking scheme.

Play-side TE: Inside-over-free blocking scheme. Block down on C-gap defender.

Back-side TE: Inside-over-cutoff. Step play-side and look to cut off defenders pursuing to the football.

Play-side WB: Kick-out defensive end (S).

Back-side WB: Inside-over-cutoff. Step play-side and look to cut off defenders pursuing to the football.

2: Lead Block through the hole. You can also have the (2) be the kick-out player.

1: Take direct snap get to the 6 hole. Cut off of the (2) block.

Wildcat Formation: Beast Right 16 Power with Pulling Guard :

True Power Blocking Scheme

Wildcat Formation: Beast Right 16 Power

(2): Kick-out the defensive end (S). The aiming point for the (2) is the inside hip of the defensive end (S) he is kicking out.

Play-side WB: Fold inside, block outside linebacker.

(LG): Pull, lead through the hole, look to block linebacker.

Coaching Points

  • Put your best running back at the QB position and let him take a direct snap and run the football.
  • QB/RB must get downhill, point of attack is the 6 hole.
  • You can pull the back-side guard and have him either kick-out or lead through the hole.
  • Play-side WB must take a good inside leverage step, then kick the defensive end out.
  • This formation is a great way to get your minimum play players their plays (MPP). You can put your best linemen to one side and run behind them.
  • You can execute this out of no huddle. “Rip” : Beast Right 16 Power. “Leo”: Beast Left 15 Power. This formation gives you the option to attack both sides.
  • Make sure you practice the shotgun snap before, during, and after practice! It is critical that the snap is good. If the snap is too high or too low, it will slow down the play.

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