Using the Snag Concept to Stretch the Defense

The Snag Concept is a great way to create a horizontal and vertical stretch on one side of the field. By using three receivers to create a triangle of passing threats the offense gives the Quarterback a simple read to find the open receiver.

Using the Snag Concept to Stretch the Defense Horizontally and Vertically

The Snag Concept is based on the Smash Concept that is a staple of almost all passing playbooks. In the Snag Concept there are three routes that must be run. The first is a Corner Route. In the base concept this route will come from the #2 receiver. The next route is a Replacement Hitch. Normally this comes from the #1 receiver. The final route is a route that will put the receiver in the flats quickly. If the #3 receiver is coming from the backfield this will be a Swing Route. If he is on the line of scrimmage this would be an Arrow Route.

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Each route has some subtle details that make the concept work. The Corner must press to get vertical before he breaks to the sideline. By getting vertical he is attacking the deep defender and forcing him to respect the deep threat. This helps to clear up the inside routes and make an easy read for the Quarterback.

The Replacement Hitch is a route that is difficult to describe but easy to run. The goal of the #1 receiver is to break in and settle in the space just inside of #2’s alignment. The goal here is to find an empty space and settle with his chest to the Quarterback. This serves as the inside point of the triangle.

The final route is the Swing or Arrow route. The key on this route is to tell the receiver to get to the sideline as quick as possible. By getting into the flats he opens up the two other routes. If the Overhang player expands to cover the receiver breaking to the flats, the Quarterback can hit the Replacement Hitch for an easy completion. If the Cornerback sees the Flare or Arrow coming towards him and jumps the route he opens up and easy completion to the Corner Route.

The Snag Passing Concept
Traditional Trips Formation

One of the best parts of the Snag Concept is the ability to run it from a variety of different formations. From a traditional Trips formation it is a difficult concept to defend, but when it is run from a Bunch formation the natural rubs that are created make man to man coverage difficult. If the defense uses a Banjo technique where defenders take the man who releases to their area, the Corner route is normally left one on one with the Safety for an easy completion.

The Snag Concept is a great, simple, concept that makes for a great add to the offense. By using simple routes that most offenses already have in their playbook the offense can attack almost any coverage to get an easy completion underneath or a receiver attacking a Safety in 1 on 1 coverage.

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