Unbalanced Football Formations

Unbalanced Football Formations 

The great thing about an unbalanced formation is that many youth football coaches do not even notice that the offense is unbalanced to a side. Going unbalanced will allow you to outnumber the defense at the point of attack.  It will also create large gaps along the defensive front, which will create natural running lanes.  Bringing over the extra blocker will also allow for easier double teams on dominate defenders. You can take that extra blocker and use him anyway you want. This gives your offense a ton of blocking options and flexibility. Beside the no huddle, unbalanced formations are probably the most underutilized strategies in youth football.

Using an unbalanced formation works well in goal line and short yardage situations.  Another way we use an unbalanced formation is we will go right to the line (no huddle), line up and call the play. This will catch the defense off guard and does not allow them to adjust to the unbalanced formation.  When teams finally realize that you are in an unbalanced formation and start shifting- they will usually over shift their defense. Once the defense over shifts it is a good idea to have a play going away from the unbalanced.

Here is a power football play I use out of an unbalanced formation.

We now have a free split-back football playbook available for immediate download! This PDF playbook is a series based scheme.  Included in this playbook is power, blast, counter, cross, sweep, and power pass plays.  This is a great complementary playbook that will supple your team with a balanced offensive attack! Download it today!  Free Playbook-Split-Back Offense

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