Unbalanced Formations in Youth Football

Unbalanced Formation

Unbalanced Formations in Youth Football

Unbalanced formations in youth football are very effective. The funny thing is that half the time the defense does not even notice our formation is unbalanced.  I have gone interior games without the defense adjusting to my unbalanced. When defenses do not align properly you can take advantages of blocking match ups and numbers.

Unbalanced Formations








If we call heavy left, we bring our right offensive tackle to the left side of the field. Instead of moving the tackle you can just have your TE move over.  The TE is covered by the WR so the TE is not a eligible  to go down field on a pass play.  Now, if you do decide to move the tackle over to the left, the TE is eligible. Many defenses will not even realize that that kid is eligible for a pass.

Wing T Offense








If we call heavy right, we will bring our left offensive tackle or TE over to the right side of the field.

Here is another play that we used pretty consistently Unbalanced wing t jet belly play:

wing t belly play


This belly play is much like the “NASCAR” rapid fire play  but instead of pulling the guard to kick out the end man on the line of scrimmage we are using the jet motion player to kick out.  If we see a c-gap defender, which we do quite often, will will crack him with our slot (S). You can block down on the c-gap player with the TE as well, he does have a nice angle. But, cracking with the slot is a devastating block. The player will not even see it coming. It is vital that the (S) takes a good angle, you do not want to clip the defender.  This play is very deceptive because it looks like jet sweep. The jet sweep action will automatically make the defenders slant outside. This makes our blocks a lot easier.

What the unbalanced does is it creates an extra gap for the defense. It will allow you to outnumber the defense with blockers. Unbalanced formations in youth football are highly underrated and under used. When attacking a defense it is important to attack the defense where your offense has good blocking angles and flanks. That is why the unbalanced line is great. It will create excellent blocking angles.

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