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The Trey Right QB Belly Play is an excellent way to utilize an athletic QB. If you do not have a QB that can run the football, you can put in a running back and have him execute it (direct snap). Having your QB or RB take the direct snap will give you an extra blocker at the point of attack. The trey formation is a very good formation because it allows you to spread the field to one side, while still maintaining strength (because of TE (Y)). This formation will force the defense to take a defender out of the box, leaving you with one less defender to worry about. The belly blocking rules apply, Down, Down, Kick-out.

Trey Right QB Belly Play in Youth Football

C: Block head up defender. If the center has two A-gap defenders he blocks the backside A-gap defender.

RG: Pull, kick-out defensive end. The (RG) is responsible for kicking out the first defender outside of the (Y). If there is no defender outside the (Y), work up-field onto a linebacker.

RT: Gap-down-backer blocking rules.

LG: Inside-over-free blocking rules.

LT: Inside-over-free blocking rules.

Y: Gap-down-backer blocking rules.

S: Stalk block defender. You can also have him run off the DB if the DB is playing press man to man coverage.  ( (S) lines up off of the line of scrimmage)

X: Block down on defensive end or work onto the middle safety. ((X) is on the line of scrimmage)

Z: Stalk block defender. You can also have him run off the DB if the DB is playing press man to man coverage. ((Z) lines up off of the line of scrimmage)

FB: Lead block through the hole, look to block linebacker.

1: Take snap, cut inside the (RG)’s kick-out block. The QB must get behind the (FB) that is lead blocking.

Coaching Points

  • The shotgun snap must be good. Any low or high snap will throw off the timing of the play.
  • Pulling guard must open his hips and kick-out the defensive end. The (RG) must pull tight past the (RT) and (Y). Aiming point for the kick-out is the inside hip of the defensive end.
  • (FB) must lead through the hole, no indecisiveness. If there is no linebacker, work onto middle safety. Pick someone and run through them!

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