Top 5 Youth Football Sideline Parent Tips

Naturally, parents have high expectations of their kids, as a youth football coach you will need to educate parents on their kids realistic and attainable goals. Coaches also need to ensure parents are informed with a parents code of conduct, a written document signed or acknowledged by each parent. As the football season commences, it is important to lay out the ground rules, and stick to them so your season will be as drama free as can possibly be.

Here are top 5 tips for youth football parents:

  1. Parents should realize one important thing- football is just a game. It is meant to be fun and instructional for the kid athletes. Youth football games are also for families to convene and cheer for their team as a bonding experience. Avoid being a distraction, that is not what your athlete needs. Be chill and just enjoy the game, and don’t be that parent.
  2. Criticizing a referee sends the wrong message to your child. If your kid’s team loses a game, they should take accountability for losing rather than shifting the blame elsewhere. Keep in mind, a football referee is paid (or volunteers) to officiate a game, he does not care who wins or loses.
  3. If you want your kid to play, make sure he attends each practice. Vacations are expected, especially as August nears, and that is expected- just make sure your child is a regular at practice.
  4. Get your kids prepared at home, work with them during the off-season. With a small investment in a agility ladder, cones and a speed chute , big gains in speed and agility can be attained.
  5. Feed your athletes a nutritious diet (fuel) that’s going to boost them to perform well in a game. Eliminate the sugary drinks and stick with water for hydration. Set the right tone with your kids by preparing and eating nutritious foods.

Your behavior as a parent when your youth football athlete is playing the sport is important. . Enjoy the experience, and your kid will keep his focus where it belongs- on the field.



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