Top 10 Ridiculous Moments of Friday Night Tykes Episode 4

Friday Night Tykes

Friday Night Tykes Episode 4

The docu-series Friday Night Tykes on Esquire TV is not shedding a positive light on the game of youth football. It all comes down to proper coaching. Here are my top 10 ridiculous moments of episode 4:

  1. Outlaws coaches appear to put their team through boot camp. Eight year old kids do not need a military style practice.
  2. Jr. Broncos coach says ‘when that kid comes across, I want you to put it in his helmet’.  Stupid choice of words.
  3. Jr. Broncos coach says ‘we all signed up to win’. No sir. Wins and losses are far less important to 8 year old kids. What is important? Having fun, stressing fundamentals and learning life lessons on the football field.
  4. Junior Rockets president says ‘put two hands on the ball, shoulders low and plow them..’– this is not proper instruction on how to tackle.  It is incorrect and confusing to a youth football player.
  5. Junior Rockets coach asks kids if they know what the word adversity means though it is not clear if he knows what the word means- coach says at the start of second half of their game against the Predators that ‘adversity is going to kick in..’.  Huh? 
  6. After slow-motion analysis, multiple Helmet to helmet hits were seen in one game Jr. Broncos vs. Outlaws. Despicable.
  7. No professional medical attention was given to the kids involved in the brutal hits. (none shown to us the television audience).
  8. In an aggressive manner, Jr. Broncos parent charges forward toward the Outlaws sideline. What kind of example does this set for the kids?
  9. Jr. Broncos coach says ‘Is football brutal? Yes!’ He is correct, especially when it is taught incorrectly.
  10. Jr. Broncos coach says – ‘You have the opportunity to rip their fricking heads off. Let’s go out there and rip some Outlaws head’. Then acts surprised when helmet to helmet hits occur in game.

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