Top 10 Football Leadership Characteristics

Football Team Leaders Top 10 Characteristics

The debate is infamous, are leaders born or made? I argue that leadership is a skill that is a part of all of our personalities, it is either muffled or further developed by our environment. In youth sports, leaders will emerge early, as these are the kids that will display special characteristics. For youth football coaches, it is important to identify and prepare your football leaders early, as soon as your first week of practices. These are the kids that you will rely on this football season. Here are the top 10 football leadership characteristics:

Top 10 Football Leadership Characteristics

Here are the characteristics that will assist you to evaluate your kids and distinguish the leader(s) on your pee wee football team-

Youth Football Leaders will..

  1. Present the right body language. At practice, these are the kids that will be the first to line up for drills.
  2. Predefine the results they would like to create. It could be personal or team goals. Leaders set attainable, and sometimes ridiculously challenging goals and prepare themselves to accomplish them.
  3. See potential in everyone. Consistently acting supportive of all teammates, will selflessly spend extra time assisting the MPPs (minimum play players).
  4. Will not rely on external forces for motivation. Outside sources are fine, but for a youth sports leader, all the motivation needed comes from their desire to do well.
  5. Are results focused, they define goals to achieve. These kids truly want to win and will do the preparation necessary to succeed.
  6. Captures and holds attention of the team. Whether it is charisma, or just that voice that other kids naturally gravitate to.
  7. Holds his team to a high standard. Isn’t afraid to point out deficiencies, while also presenting ways to improve.
  8. Have a quiet confidence. Never gets too emotional, remains at an even keel.
  9. Listens and communicates well.  Isn’t afraid to speak up. Leaders are often the eyes and ears of the coaching staff on the football field.
  10. Likes to read and excels in the classroom. On the football field, they asks the right questions and have the desire to learn.
  11. Fearlessly steps up to the plate, and are prepared to carry their team. These kids are tough.

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How do you evaluate the leaders on your team, and on your coaching staff? Let us know in the comments area.

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