Tips for First-Time Head Coaches | Coaching Youth Football

For me, we believe coaching youth football comes down to 3 important aspects. This video will cover these 3 aspects in great detail! 1. Selecting the Right Coaching Staff 2. Practice Planning / Optimization 3. Handling Parents.

How to Score More Points in Youth Football

Whether you have a team full of great athletes or a team that struggles, if you utilize these tactics you will be able to move the football and score more points. Here’s how to score more points in youth football- regardless of your teams skill level.

Wide Tackle 6-2 Defense for Youth Football | Complete Breakdown

The Wide Tackle 6-2 Defense is a great defense for youth football. It gives you a strong 8-man box which will help you shutdown the run.

Using the River and Lake Formations to Stress the Defense

One of the things that can drive defensive coaches crazy are odd formations, especially unbalanced formations. In previous articles we talked about the importance of defenses being able to align to formations and cover every gap.