The Tim Tebow Foundation Gives Hope to Kids Less Fortunate

In the wake of the disaster that was Jerry Sandusky and his Second Mile foundation, we spotlight an organization that focuses on faith and hope for those kids less fortunate than others.

The Tim Tebow Foundation is a charity launched by NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow based primarily on his Christian beliefs.  The foundation seeks to assist poor or terminally ill children around the world. Recently, the Tim Tebow Foundation announced a partnership with CURE for the construction and development of a new children’s hospital in the Philippines.  The foundation also grants wishes to children in pain through their W15H (Wish) program. This is the real deal- as 100% of all donations goes to dream fulfillment (unless otherwise stated).  A program within the Tim Tebow Foundation that is also impactful is “Timmy’s playrooms”.  These are constructed hospital playrooms that allow children to have a space of hope as they undergo treatment.

If you are considering a charitable donation this holiday season, we recommend the Tim Tebow Foundation. Subtle acts of kindness are monumental for a child going through a very difficult time, this organization aims specifically to help these kids.  Learn more about the W15H program in this video:

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