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The Go-out Passing Concept

The Go-Out Passing Concept is a very simple concept that gives the Quarterback a clear read. In this concept there will be one receiver running a deep route along the sideline while a second receiver runs a route that places him 5 yards from the LOS along the sideline. The effect, especially vs. a Cover 2 look, is a simple High Low read that can be achieved from a variety of different formations.

The Go-out Passing Concept

The most important part of the Go Out Concept is the deep route. This route normally comes from the #1 receiver. It is critical that he takes an outside release which will let him get away from the Safety for a deep hole shot. If the Cornerback does decide to jam the outside release and not let him get away free because he is pushing to the outside he will open up a window for the Out route for the #2 receiver. While an outside release is critical to the success of the route, the receiver also needs to leave enough room for the Quarterback to put the ball to his outside. The standard rule is for the receiver to aim to be a yard or two outside of the numbers. This gives the Quarterback space to fit the ball into the space while still creating a horizontal stretch that the Safety will not be able to get over to make a play.

The second part of the concept is the Out route by the #2 receiver. On this route the receiver wants to get to 5 yards and then break to the sideline. While this seems like a very simple route there are a few intricacies that must be mastered. The first is the type of break that the receiver will run.

To really run the route effectively the #2 receiver must be able to determine if the defense is in man or zone coverage. If they are in man coverage he will run a square cut. On this route he needs to attack the inside hip of the defender to make it look like he is going to run a seam route. Once he gets to 6 yards he will drop his hips and plant off his outside foot and cut to the outside. As he is running the out he will bend the route back to 5 yards to cut down the angle that the defender has to jump the route and make a play.

If the receiver sees that the defense is in a zone coverage he will run a speed out. On a speed out the goal is to stretch the defense horizontally as quick as possible. To accomplish this the receiver will push vertical to 4 yards and then bend the route out to the sideline. The goal of this is to get horizontal as quickly as he can.

The Go Out Passing Concept for Youth football

This is a great concept to run from a three receiver formation. Whether it is from three receivers or two receivers and a tight end, by adding a third receiver to the front side of the route the offense gains a third player to create the triangle stretch of the defense. From a 3 receiver set the #3 is going to run a dump route. On this route he will look to get to 5-6 yards deep and find a space between two defenders. By sitting in this zone the overhang player now can’t run out to cover the out route. This also makes for an easy check-down for the Quarterback if he is dealing with any pressure.

The basic concept of the route can changed so that the #1 and #2 receiver switch responsibilities. This creates new looks for the defense while keeping things very simple for your Quarterback. There are a variety of different ways to accomplish this but one of my favorites is the out whip and the pipe route. The #1 will run an out whip where he will threaten an outside release on the cornerback. A well coached Cover 2 corner will jam the outside release and force him back in which allows the receiver to turn his hip into the corner while he plants his foot and starts working down the line back to the Quarterback. The #2 is now responsible for running the deep route along the sideline. He will release at an angle that is attacking the cornerbacks inside hip. Once he gets to the outside of the numbers he will get vertical and look for the ball to be delivered.

The Go Out is a very simple read for the Quarterback. He is looking to get the ball immediately to the Go route. If that route is covered he will check-down to the out route. The most important coaching point with the Quarterback is that when he is throwing the go route he has to make sure the ball beats the safety to the receiver. This means that he can’t throw a high looping ball. Instead the ball should be thrown as direct as possible. For most Quarterbacks this means throwing the ball with a slight arch but the more direct the ball is thrown the more yards the receiver can get after the catch.

The Go Out Concept is a staple of all passing attacks. It’s easy High Low read for the Quarterback makes it a great way to start to build the Quarterback’s confidence and make the defense play the pass.

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