T Formation Offense Blast Play

The T Formation Offense Blast Play is an excellent play for youth football. The blast play will get you two lead blockers at the point of attack.  This Blast Play is executed out of a balanced formation.  Balanced formations will stretch the defense out horizontally by making them defend the entire width of the field. This creates natural running lanes inside and it makes the defense defend both sides of the formation. This is a ground and pound style play that is easy to install and it works very well against any defense.

T Formation Offense Blast Play

Center: Block nose guard. If you get double A-gap defenders, center blocks backside A-gap defender.

Right Guard: Inside-over-free. You can double team the nose guard if he is disruptive.

Right Tackle: Block head up defensive tackle.

Left Guard: Step play-side, cutoff.

Left Tackle: Block defensive tackle.

Right TE: Block defensive end out.

Left TE: Step play-side and cutoff. You can also have him try to work up to the middle safety, aka the touchdown block.

1: Take the snap hand the ball to the (3) at the 6 hole. Point of attack is off-tackle, QB must get the ball to the (3).

2: Lead block inside to out, look to block the middle linebacker flowing across.

3: Take handoff, cut off of the (4)’s lead block.

4: Lead block, look to block the outside linebacker.

(Here is another way you can attack off-tackle) 

Coaching Points  

  • It’s the QB’s job to get the ball carrier the football in the backfield and at the point of attack. The ball carrier should never belly towards the QB for the handoff. This will allow the running back to get the ball with some space to adjust his path if needed.
  • The (4) blocks the first linebacker to show through the hole. It will probably be the outside linebacker.
  • The (2) looks to block the middle linebacker. He always looks to block inside to out. If there is interior penetration the (2) must pick it up.
  • The QB (1) must carry out his bootleg fake to hold the backside defenders.
  • This is a downhill hitting play, ball carrier and lead blockers have to hit the hole. Get downhill and be physical.
  • Don’t be scared to utilize double teams at the point of attack. You can double the nose guard and/or the defensive tackle if they are disruptive.

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