Stay at Home Football Part 2: We don’t tell our defensive linemen to penetrate- here’s why…

Many coaches just tell their defensive linemen to penetrate every single play. That doesn’t work very well against gap or zone schemes. When you play a well-coached offense with a structured attack, they will gut you.

Our 5 Favorite Articles from our Team Building Article Series

There is so much more to coaching football than just the x’s and o’s. Football is the ultimate team sport.

3 Major Benefits of Playing Football by Coach Whitehead | From the Gut Series

When I was a kid growing up in a small blue collar neighborhood little did I know how significant a role football would play in my life. I can remember always knowing when Friday was here because the town shuts down for high school football.

Coaching the Combo and Double Team Block | Youth Football

The combo block is one of the best blocks in football. It’s a block that I feel is underutilized on the youth football level.