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Spread Twins- QB Lead Play

Spread Twins- QB Lead Play

 Spread Em and Shred Em, Spread Twins- QB Lead Play

This spread twins- QB lead play is an excellent way to utilize a mobile QB. If you do not have a mobile QB you can just do the direct snap to your best running back.  This play spreads the defense out horizontally, which will create natural running lanes inside. I have this play drawn up with the backside guard pulling and kicking out the end man on the line of scrimmage.  You can elect to have the back-side guard just block go through his blocking scheme progression and not pull. Sometimes the defense will blitz an inside linebacker over the guard and if you pull, the linebacker may have a clear rush.  The rule for the back-side guard is to pull, but we have a “STAY” call. Stay call means the backside guard doesn’t pull and the (2) has to block the defensive end.

There are several different ways you can have your receivers block. You can have them stalk block or you can have them just run off the defenders. If the defense is playing press man to man just have the receivers execute an outside release and run them off.

RT: Work onto linebacker.  If the (RT) has a defender in his inside gap he must block the inside gap defender. Inside gap is priority #1.

RG: Inside-over-free blocking scheme. Always secure inside gap first. If there is no inside gap defender, block defender that is over. If there isn’t a defender inside or over, then have him work onto a linebacker.

C: Block backside A-gap defender. If there is a head up defender the center must block him.

LG: Pull, kick-out end man on the line of scrimmage. The aiming point of the kick-out block is the inside hip of the defender that the guard is kicking out. Basically, you have the pulling guard block the first defender outside/past  the (RT).  If you decide to implement a “stay” call, the guard doesn’t pull and he just follows his blocking rules.

LT: Secure pulling guard gap. Follow inside-over-free blocking scheme.

R: Run off or stalk block the defender covering him.

L: Run off or stalk block the defender covering him.

4: You have 3 options here, you can either have the (4) stalk block the defender covering him, you can have him just execute an outside release (makes defender turn back to the play) and run off, or you can have him work onto the middle safety. We have him work onto the middle safety.

3: Run off or stalk block.

2: Lead block through the hole, block middle linebacker. The (2) has to block the first second level defender that is a threat to the ball carrier.  This is almost like an isolation play.

1: Receive snap, run and cut off the (2)’s lead block.

Coaching Points

  • (1) should be no more than 5 yards behind the center.
  • The center and QB/(1) snap needs to good. The snap needs to be right to the (1). A too low or too high snap can lead to a fumble or it will through off the timing of the play.
  • Do practice snaps before, during, and after practice! Do as many as you can, with all your centers.
  • If the pulling guard has a blitzing defender over him, a stay call needs to be made by either the guard or the (1). You can also have the (2) just read it. Just read it meaning, if the (2) sees the guard stay, he then will have to block the defensive end.
  • If they do not respect the spread formation make sure you have a quick screen or pass to the uncovered receivers.
  • This is an excellent way to get your minim play players their plays in a position that doesn’t hurt your team. You can put some MPP at the receiver positions. If you put a minim play player at the (R) or (L) they have to make sure that they are on the line of scrimmage. They have to check with the ref.

Bonus!  Spread Twins- QB Lead Play with Jet Motion!! 

Running the spread twins- QB lead play with jet motion puts the defense in serious conflict. Even though the motion player isn’t getting the ball, it threatens the defense with jet sweep. The jet motion will widen out the DE, making an easier kick-out block as well. The jet motion will force the defense to widen out and give them another threat to worry about.

QB Lead with Motion

Coaching Points

  • You can set this QB lead play up by running jet sweep once or twice.
  • The motion player cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped.
  • If the defense doesn’t run with or bump coverage to the motion player throw him a pass because he will be wide open.
  • Motion needs to start before the snap count. The motion player must be past the (1) & (2) before the ball is snapped. You don’t want the snap to hit the motion player or the (2) colliding with the motion player.


If the defense doesn’t respect the double twins formation you can execute a play we call “G90” and throw to a receive that is not covered.