Spread Offense Shotgun Jet Sweep Play

This play is designed to attack the edge of the defense with the ball carrier coming in Jet Spread Offense Jet Sweepmotion. Having the ball carrier in jet motion will allow him to receive the hand-off running full speed. The spread offense is increasing in popularity.

This spread offensive formation features two slot receivers, two split ends (on the line of scrimmage), two tackles, two guards, one center, one QB, and an offset running back. The split ends will stalk block cornerbacks. The two slot receivers will stalk block any defender that lines up to cover them. If no defender slides out over the slot receiver the slot receiver will crack block the first defender to their inside. The left slot receiver will come in full speed jet motion and receive a hand-off from the QB in the shotgun formation. The off-set running back will lead block for the jet motion player. The offensive linemen will step play-side and look to cut off defenders running to the football.

spread offense youth football

Once the defense starts to over play the jet sweep, hit the defense with an inside hitting play off jet motion. If you have a mobile QB you can hit the defense with a QB power or QB Trap. If you have an athletic quarterback the shotgun spread offense is a great idea. It will make defenses have to prepare for the QB as a threat to run the ball as well. The spread offense can be used in youth football with much success.

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