Slant-Loop Blitz Play- 53 Defense

This slant-loop blitz play is out of the 53 defense. This blitz play is designed to shut down sweeps to the wide side of the field. In youth football teams will always sweep their best athlete to the wide side of the field.  This blitz play will help defend the wide side of the field.

Slant-Loop Blitz Play

Slant-Loop Blitz Play

Defensive Line

The nose guard will force play-side A gap.  The backside defensive tackle will force B-gap. The play-side defensive tackle will also force B gap.  The backside defensive-end  will hold contain and the play-side defensive-end will slant down to the C-gap. When slanting down it is vital that the DE gets a piece  of the tight-end and tackle.  This will allow our (S) backer to loop around freely. When calling the slant-loop blitz play make sure your players attack on ball movement. They have to get there! No half effort blitzes.


The middle linebacker (M) will be responsible for backside A gap, then pursuit to the ball carrier.  The strong side backer (S) will line up over the C-gap, then once the ball is snapped he will then loop around, containing the outside.  The weak-side linebacker (W) will be responsible for backside C-gap, then pursuit to the football.


We play cover 3 zone. Many youth football teams will prefer man to man coverage in youth football.  We will say the secondary is playing 3 deep zone. Play-side corner (C) will have deep 3rd coverage. Boundary corner (C) will also have deep 3rd coverage. The middle free safety (S) will have deep middle 3rd coverage.

If you are playing man to man coverage, blitzing a linebacker will leave a player open if the team passes. So be careful when blitzing, you can blitz your players right out of the play. Make sure you blitz strategically, do not get blitz crazy. You can live by the blitz, and you can also die by the blitz.

Here is a play that will hurt this Slant-Loop Blitz Play

Play action pass Good coaches will see that you are looping your outside backer and  can work the tight-end into the flat off play-action. The outside receiver will take the corner deep up the field, with an outside release.  Outside release will be so the corner turns his back to the  play.  Teams will also line the receiver out really wide to take the  corner out of the game. The (S) backer that would be assigned to the flat (zone coverage 3) or assigned to cover the TE (man coverage)  will take himself right out of the play on this slant-loop blitz play.

Here is another way to run this slant-loop blitz:

53 defense blitz play Have the slanting defensive-end jam the tight-end. Make sure the DE  does not let the tight-end release for any routes.  Have your DE try  to drive the TE down into the formation. This slant-loop blitz is an  excellent blitz that works well in youth football!

Here are more free youth football plays!

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