Sickening “Youth Football Training” Video

I recently had this video referred to me from someone on our Youth Football Google + account . My initial feeling after watching this was WOW, is this guy series?!?! What is wrong with this guy? This video features a 5-6 year old child being forced to run along side of his father in a car. The father uses foul language several times towards his child,  telling him to keep running.  This guy then goes from driving alongside of the child to driving behind him honking the horn. Watch the video:

I feel bad for this kid and I really hope this guy is not coaching youth football. I would go as far as calling this child endangerment. Who in their right mind makes their child run alongside the car in the street? Who uses foul language at their child trying to motivate them? Who then drives behind the child honking the horn pushing him to keep running faster? This video is sickening in so many ways. This guy does not have the sense to take his kid to a field or a track?

Over Training Kids

Sometimes people do unintelligent things like this that make the sport of football look bad. If there is anything wrong with youth football it is a few coaches and parents are way too competitive. Luckily only a small amount of coaches and parents do not understand what youth football is all about.  This small percentage of coaches and parents just need to fill their pathetic-selfish attitude of “winning at all costs”. Guys, it is not that serous, it is youth football. There is a difference between being competitive and trying to win at all costs. I understand this guy is trying to toughen his kid up and develop a good football player, but this is just disturbing to me.

It is the select few that sometimes put this wonderful sport in a negative light. I absolutely encourage parents to train their children during the off-season, but this is just horrifying.  Here at Youth Football Online we belief that youth football is not all about winning. Youth football is about learning lessons like- physical education, team work, social skills, competing, commitment, resilience- handling defeat and learning from it, building self confidence, having fun/making new friends, and learning the importance of taking instruction and being disciplined.

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