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Save Youth Football Rally Boston Massachusetts State House

Save Youth Football

Youth Football Online attended the Save Youth Football Rally in Boston (4-16-19). The rally lasted roughly three hours and they had a great turn out. The rally was well planned and many parents, coaches, and players from the football community showed up. This rally was very strong and made a clear statement that the football community will not sit back, we will defend our sport. There were several rally speakers, all of which did a fantastic job representing our sport. The Massachusetts Youth Football Alliance did an unbelievable job of mobilizing their football community. They were also able to get several publicans and news stations to cover the rally. They were able to meet with lawmakers to discuss the proposed ban.

The rally focused on the fact that youth tackle football has never been safer. Rule changes, better equipment, better trained coaches, and training programs are some of the reasons why the game has become the safest it has ever been. The rally did an awesome job of highlighting those reasons and really showcasing teamwork and unity.  Throughout the rally I met different people and made several new friends and connections. After attending the rally I was even more proud to be affiliated with the save youth football movement. The football community is united and ready to combat these proposed tackle youth football bans.

After attending the rally, I came home with a new sense of pride and enthusiasm in regards to youth football. It was incredible to see how together and how passionate everyone was at the rally. The parents love the sport and love their kids! The coaches love the sport and love their players. The players love their sport and would be devastated if a bunch of uniformed politicians banned them from playing. As long as the Massachusetts community keeps this momentum going there is no one that is going to stop their effort to save youth football.

I didn’t count, but I would estimate that there were at least 200 people that attended. There were several major news and publications in attendance as well. On our social platforms and website we had over 10k viewers of our live stream. Between the rally attendance, the high profile speakers, meetings with politicians, media stations, publications, and viewers from the online live streams it’s safe to say that this rally made a serious impact. The Save Youth Football Movement is for real and it won’t be stopped. This is only the beginning.

Here is the video of Terrance Turner who spoke at the Save Youth Football Rally in Boston MA

Terrance Turner was a former NFL player for the Philadelphia Eagles and all conference player for Indiana. He also played youth football! He talks about how important it is for kids to start tackle football early on and how that will help prepare kids for high school football.

Here is an interview YFO did with President of the California Youth Football Alliance Joe Rafter

Joe along with the rest of the Save Youth Football California community beat the bill that was proposed to ban tackle youth football in CA. In this interview Joe talks about how they beat the bill, how youth football has become the safest it has ever been, and what other states need to do to combat these proposed bans. The interview took place outside of the Massachusetts State House in Boston, following the rally.

Here is the Video of Massachusetts State Representative Marc Lombardo 

Representative Marc Lombardo talked about how it should be the choice of the parents whether or not their kid plays football, not the government. He also talked about how it is very important that people contact their representatives and senators and tell them about their disapproval of the proposed ban.

Here is the video of Joe Rafter President from the California Youth Football Alliance 

Joe passionately talks about the benefits that come from youth football. He also discussed how important it is for the football community to come together to combat these bans.

Here is the video of Merril Hode Speaking at the Rally 

Merril talks about how the anti-football community is creating a false tackle football narrative. He also talks about how it is the right of the parents to decide if their children will play tackle youth football, not the governments.