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Record Breaker: 10 Things Peyton Manning Teaches Us

Peyton Manning career tds

Peyton Manning’s brilliant career reached a major milestone as he became the NFL’s all-time touchdown passer. Manning finished his Sunday with 510 career touchdowns eclipsing Brett Favre’s 508 career touchdown mark. When you think of Peyton Manning you think of complete dominance on the football field. Here’s a list of 10 things that Peyton Manning teaches us:

  1. Be masterful at your craft.  Peyton reads defenses better than any quarterback. Pre-snap- Peyton examines defensive positioning- seeking indicators to determine what the defense is up to.
  2. Study hard. In college, Peyton was said to have spent more time in the film room than anyone other player. He consistently studied his faults and his opponent strengths and weaknesses; he also strived to improve. Regarding film study, Peyton once said- “You need to watch it. Watch the bad plays. You need to go into that prepared to be constructively criticized and learn how to grow out of the mistakes every year.”
  3. Act stellar. Peyton does not get into trouble. Looking for a domestic violence incident or something similar? You won’t find an allegation against Peyton Manning.
  4. Have resilience. After a serious neck injury and four injuries. Peyton had to comprehend how to throw a football again. After a tough, length rehabilitation, Peyton battled back to the NFL.
  5. Have a sense of humor. Whether he’s appearing on Saturday Night Live or in a silly pizza commercial, Peyton is always having fun.
  6. Work hard. Understands the complexities of the game because he works harder than everyone else. Peyton’s workouts consist of high energy, high intensity exercises. While he is not the fastest QB, he knows how to use his feet. It’s the little things that Peyton is so good at due to his intense work ethic.
  7. Make everyone great. Peyton Manning makes everyone around him better. He’s a vocal leader. Demaryius Thomas said of Peyton- “(Peyton is the) biggest leader I ever saw, if we’re working out together as a whole team, you could hear his voice over everybody.”
  8. Support system. The importance of unconditional family love and support. You will always find dad Archie, brothers Eli and Cooper supporting Peyton from the field.
  9. Be humble. After a record-breaking night, Peyton said- “I’m very humbled and very honored. I certainly think about how grateful I am for all the teammates and coaches that I’ve played with and played for throughout my career, not only here in Denver — in Indianapolis and all the people that have helped me along the way,”
  10. Bounce back from on-field adversity. After a devastating loss in Super Bowl XLVIII- Peyton appears more determined than ever, as evidenced by his dominant early season statistics. After a big loss, he comes back stronger.

Here are the receivers that caught Peyton Manning’s career passes. Truly an amazing feat, and he’s not done yet!