Preseason Football Meeting

I will be meeting up with my entire coaching staff for our last preseason football meeting. This will usually be one of the longer meetings.  Here is what we will cover in this final meeting.

coaches meeting


We will talk about how we are going to install our Swarming 53 Defense . I have 3 coaches that have coached with me for awhile, but this year I had to add 3 additional coaches.  The defensive coordinator will present the defense. We will discuss what we want out of our defense, and we will discuss how we will implement our swarming philosophy.  My DC will also assign positions coaches.  We will discuss the position coach’s responsibilities for when we are in the individual and team defense sessions.  It is very important every coach is on the same page.  We take a lot of pride in our defense and look forward to swarming all over the field and causing turnovers.


We have already had a meeting regarding our offense. We will review everything and make sure all the position coaches know what they need to do when we get into individual and team periods.  We will basically review.

Special Teams

We already got into the special teams in an earlier meeting. We talked about how we want to generate some scores from our special teams this season. We were not able to score any touchdowns with our special teams last year.  This was one of the biggest disappointments about last season.  We need to get more out of our special teams.  My special teams coordinator has retired (coaching 25  years, last 11 with me) and I have my cousin now coordinating the special teams.  He is young, enthusiastic,  and has a great plan. He has big shoes to fill because my old special team coach was one of the best around. We will be spending additional time on special teams this year.

First Day of Practice

The first day of practice is usually a little bit different.  We will be using this practice to evaluate the players.  It is very important this year because we know pretty much nothing about our players.  We will also have a post practice  meeting with the parents to discuss the season in further detail.

Practice Plans

We will go over our weekly practice plans for the preseason.  We have two phases of practices: preseason phase and season phase. The preseason phase is usually an installation, testing,  scrimmage preparation, and conditioning phase. During the season we will be in our season phase.  We will stick to the same general practice routine for the most part.  There are situations where I will create more time for something we are struggling with.  Although the practice routine is subject to change, it will always keep the same structure.

What are you guys doing to prepare for the season?

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