Playbook Installation Week

Installation Week

This week we will begin installing our rocket wing t offense.  We went over the formations and numbering/hole system last Friday.  We are a day behind on our practice schedule because we lost Thursday ( thunderstorms/heavy rain).  So we will be cramming in a little extra every day this week.We will be doing two more evaluation stations also.  We will have the players drive blocking shields and we will also do the 3-cone drill. This will give the kids a chance to show us what they have again before we place them in a position.

installing offense








Blocking Scheme

We will be installing our blocking scheme tonight. We will break the team up into 3-4 groups of 5 kids and have one coach install the blocking scheme with each group. In years past, we would bring the entire team up and show the blocking scheme.  The problem we had with that is the kids (especially the younger kids) would dose off and get bored. I found it is best when you break the kids up in small groups and have each coach teach their group the blocking scheme.  This will allow the coach to teach a small group, while deterring the kids from losing focus.

Run Blocking Techniques

We will take our entire team and explain the proper run blocking techniques. We will make sure when our players are engaged in the defender they will have their head up, wide base, choppy steps, hands are inside, and thumbs are up.  We tell our players to sink their hips and sky their eyes.  We also put a lot of focus on finishing our blocks. We preach never to let their feet stop and always block with attitude.


We will begin with the teaching of formations, line splits, and position/hole numbering system.  We went over this on Friday, but we will reinforce it tonight. We have evaluated the kids physically and will start placing them in positions.  Even though we are placing players in positions, it doesn’t mean they are playing that position the entire year.  We have to do 5 full practice days without pads. With that said, every player looks good and flies around when we are in shorts.

We will begin with installing our rocket sweep to the split-end and tight-end side. We will work on our rocket motion and timing.  The timing is probably the one aspect that takes the most time to get down.  Once rocket sweep looks good we will install our power football play  to the split and then to the tight-end side.  The rocket and power are the two core plays of this system. We have to get these two plays flawless because nearly every play works off of the two.

We have two weeks to prepare for our first scrimmage.


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