Play Action Passing Off of Zone- Double Post Concept 

Play-action Passing

No Offensive system is complete without some type of Play Action Passing schemes. These play action shots are designed to not only keep the defensive players out of the box, but also take shots and make big plays when the Offense needs them. Here’s a look at the Play Action Passing Off of Zone- Double Post Concept.

Play Action Passing Off of Zone- Double Post Concept

There is an old saying that calling offense is a relatively simple process. If there are two Safeties high you should probably run the ball but if there is either one or no Safeties deep, it’s probably time to throw the ball. When you are able to develop a strong zone run game the defense has to bring Safeties up closer to the ball to take away the run. This is especially true when the offense is using option principles to read a defender and gain an advantage in the box. If the defense wants to match their numbers and stop the run they are forced to add a Safety into the run fit.

We believe that an effective play action passing game is critical to the success of our offense. An effective play action game does not necessarily mean that we are throwing play action shots every series, or even frequently. To us, an effective play action passing game is one that keeps the Safeties deep so that we can continue to experience success running the ball.

Play Action Passing Off of Zone- Double Post Concept 

Our Double Post Play Action Concept is a critical component for us to take advantage of Safeties coming down into the box. We run our Double Post concept off of a downhill Outside Zone fake from our Running Back who we align in Pistol. We believe that the action of the Quarterback turning his back and the Running Back coming downhill has a huge impact in pulling the Safeties downhill.

We love to run this concept from a two receiver set. Our #2 receiver has what we call a Bait post. On this route we tell our receiver to go vertical for 7 yards and then break for a point 1 yard in front of the Safety. His goal is to get the Safety to step down and cover him to open the window for our Win Post.

Our Win Post is run by our outside receiver and is designed to get him one on one with leverage on the Cornerback. He will break vertical looking to establish inside leverage on the Cornerback. Once he has inside leverage the Quarterback will put the ball in the middle of the field and let him run under it.

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Our Double Post concept is a great way of establishing a Play Action attack that helps to keep the defense out of the box. We believe that because it is such a deep shot, defensive coordinators and Safeties are disproportionately effected by it. We can run the concept once and because of the big play potential, the defense must respect it on future plays.

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