Pistol Wing T Jet Series

Pistol Wing T Jet Series

The Pistol Wing T Jet Series is a structured attack where all the plays complement each other. This 3 play series includes Jet Sweep, Belly, and Belly Pass. These 3 plays all complement each other and look the same the for the first few steps. This series is easy to install and it will allow you to score more points. All of these plays are executed to the TE side. Next week’s video will be these 3 plays to the Split-end side.

Pistol Wing T Jet Series: Jet Sweep, Belly, and Belly Pass

Jet Sweep

Pistol Jet Sweep

Center: Step play-side, base nose guard. If you are seeing double A-gap defenders the center will block the backside A-gap defender.

Right Guard: Pull outside, tunnel the cornerback. Make sure he doesn’t take any false steps into the the backfield. He’s got to move!

Right Tackle: Step play-side, base block defensive tackle. Inside-Over-Free blocking scheme.

Left Guard: Step play-side, cutoff.

Left Tackle: Step play-side, cutoff.

Tight-end: Step play-side, cutoff linebacker pursuing to the ball carrier.

Split-end: Work to block the middle safety.

1: Catch snap, hand to the (3) coming in jet motion. Carryout fake.

2: Fake belly handoff. He needs to execute a good fake.

3: Full speed jet motion, take handoff, get outside.

4: Step play-side, work to seal defensive end- race to gain and maintain leverage.

Coach Points 

  • This needs to be the first play that you install.
  • Jet motion timing does vary based on player age, size, and speed. The timing has to be worked out at practice.
  • All fakes must be carrier out.
  • The pulling (RG) must be able to pull and lead block- look to tunnel the CB. If he cannot get out there have the (2) cheat over and have him lead.


Pistol Jet Belly Play

Center: Base the nose guard. If faced with double A-gap defenders, center must back the backside A-gap defender.

Right Guard: V-step, pull and kick-out defensive end. The guard must pull right off of the butt of the (TE) and (RT). HE CANNOT PULL FLAT.

Right Tackle: Gap-down-backer.

Left Guard: Inside-over-free.

Left Tackle: Inside-over-free.

Tight-out: Gap-down-backer.

Split-end: Work to block middle safety.

1: Catch snap, hand to the (2), carryout fake.

2: Take handoff, get downhill inside of the guards kick-out block.

3: Full speed motion, fake Jet Sweep.

4: Insert for outside linebacker. He can cheat his split in and up if he has too.

Coaching Points 

  • Aiming point for the right guard is the inside hip of the defensive end. It is important that he v-steps and kicks-out. He cannot pull flat.
  • Good Jet Sweep fake is needed by the (3). That will force the defense to stretch horizontally.
  • If you center cannot handle the N, you can have the right tackle help and block down on the N.

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Belly Pass 

Pistol Belly Pass

Center: Pass block.

Right Guard: Inside-over pass block.

Right Tackle: Inside-over pass block.

Left Guard: Inside-over pass block.

Left Tackle: Inside-over pass block.

Tight-end: Corner route. He needs to drive his route up the field then break to the corner.

Split-end: Post patter. He needs to drive his route up the field then break to the post.

1: Soft open fake to the (3) coming on the jet action, fake to the (2), roll out plant and look to hit the (TE) on the corner route.

2: Fake Belly, peel back and block the backside.

3: Fake Jet Sweep- continue out on his speed out. He cannot go or lean forward until the ball is snapped.

4:  Seal the edge- block for the QB.

Coaching Points

  • Run this play on 2, which will through the defense off because Jet and Belly are both executed on 1.
  • Motion player cannot go forward until the ball is snapped- should be square to the sidelines.
  • QB’s read is the CB. If the CB sits on the speed out or bites up on play-action, the QB hits the (TE) on the corner route. If the (CB) bails back and covers the (TE), the QB hits the (3) on the speed out.
  • All fakes must be carried out!

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