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YFO All-Star Selection: RB/OLB Parker Allen

Parker Allen

Name: Parker Allen

State: California

Position: RB/ OLB

Favorite NFL Team: 49ers

Favorite College Team: Arizona State University

Today we introduce our newest Youth Football Online All Star selection, Parker Allen. Parker runs the football with excellent effort, he runs hard each time he touches the football. Possessing excellent vision, Parker does an exceptional job of finding seams and exploding through them. As soon as he sees the opening, he is able to cut and power through into the second level of the defense.  Parker has excellent top end speed as well- he is very difficult to run down in the open field. You may get close, only to meet with a very strong stiff arm.

Parker prides himself on completing his runs. He always runs hard and runs through the contact. We asked Parker what does it take to be a good running back? Parker responded, “ You have to finish your runs and always run hard”. As you can see in his highlight video that Parker is very difficult to bring down one on one. Since he is always driving through the tacklers he rarely gets tackled for negative yardage. Parker is not only a good ball carrier, he is an excellent pass catcher. Parker is able to catch the football on a consistent basis. He is an excellent receiving threat out of the backfield and is a complete coverage mismatch for linebackers.

Parker Allen-running back

Parker Allen’s 3 Tips for RBs:

  • Finish runs

  • Work hard in practice

  • Be confident

It isn’t just limited to offense. Parker Allen excels on defense as well as an outside linebacker. Parker’s favorite aspect of playing defense is making big plays. He loves making a big tackle for a loss. Parker is very aggressive, and a sure tackler. His open field tackling ability is phenomenal. Parker’s athleticism and closing speed allows him to get the ball carrier very quickly.

Parker Allen Tackling

Parker has excellent coverage skills as well. He does a nice job of going up and getting the ball at its highest point. We see confirm again, Parker has excellent hands and consistently intercepts the ball. I am surprised that he had so many defensive highlights, as an opposing offense, should not be inclined to throw his way. As far as throwing goes, Parker has excellent closing speed in coverage. He is able to break on the ball quickly and make a play. If you float the ball in the air around Parker he will pick it off.  Once Parker gets his hand on the ball he has the ability to take to house and get his team a defensive score.

Here is what Coach Tony said about Parker: 

“Parker is an outstanding athlete. It has been a pleasure coaching him the past few seasons. He is a natural leader and all his teammates love him. He is very fast and strong, a natural running back. Last season he led our undefeated state championship team as a two way starter in rushing yards, touchdowns, and tackles on defense where he played outside linebacker. He can play anywhere on the field and would be the best at it. In my 20 plus years of coaching youth football I have never seen a player that works as hard as Parker.  As an eighth grader I had him work out with my high school freshman team and he was the best athlete and running back on the field. Off the field he is a leader in our community and classroom. He has many friends that love him. He is a kid on the right track with great character and he has a bright future in football. I would expect we will be seeing him play on Saturdays and even Sundays.”
Parker does not only dominate on the football field, but he is a superb student. Parker has maintained an impressive 3.8 grade point average this year in 7th grade.  Parker takes his studies very seriously, he said to us- “School is very important and you can’t play football without good grades”.   Parker stressed that football isn’t guaranteed but a college education stays with you forever.
Parker’s goal is to play football in college.  His dream is to play in the Pac 12. Parker is very mature for his age, he understands the importance of getting a solid education above all. Parker Allen is very well mannered and an excellent communicator.  He has strong family support and has the potential to go very far in the classroom and on the football field.
Parker Allen’s 2014 Accomplishments:
GPA: 3.8
Team Record: 12-0  Two time league champion
Rushing Yards: 1,200
Touchdowns: 25
Interceptions: 3 interceptions
Fumble Recoveries: 4
Parker also shines on special teams. In his past season, he returned a couple of kicks for touchdowns.
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