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Youth Football Online Selects All-Star Mi’Quan Grace

MiQuan Grace YFO Allstar

Name: Mi’Quan Grace

Position: RB, CB

Age/Team: 12 yrs old/ Fairmont Cowboys

Offense: Spread

Defense: 62

Favorite NFL Team: Texans

Favorite NFL Player: Darrelle Revis

Favorite College Team: Oregon Ducks

Favorite Book: Where the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls

Desired Superpower: Super speed

Youth Football Online selects running back and cornerback Mi’Quan Grace as YFO All-star. Mi’Quan is a 12 year old that is an explosive running back. He is able to explode through seams and finish runs. He always keeps his legs pumping and runs through the defenders. This youth athlete also has patience, allowing his blockers to do their jobs, then making use of his superb on-field vision. Mi’Quan is an excellent athlete that is very fast, strong, and confident.

Mi’Quan absolutely loves playing defense. He prides himself on being an excellent coverage player and excels at playing press-man to man coverage. He welcomes the challenge of playing cornerback. Mi’Quan has an aptitude for locating the football. He is able to run with the receivers and track the ball in the air consistently.  Mi’Quan is a fantastic tackler. He gets to the football and secures the tackle. Mi’Quan explains, “To be a great tackler you have to be the lowest man, and wrap up”. 

His favorite aspect of playing running back is gaining yards and scoring touchdowns.

“To be a good running back, you need to be patient. Sometimes you have to wait for the holes to open up.” – Mi’Quan Grace

When playing cornerback, his favorite is covering receivers in man to man coverage.  Mi’Quan explains what it takes to be a good cornerback- “Good footwork. And amnesia, you need to have a short memory because you are not going to make every play”.   

Young Mi’Quan eloquently stressed the importance of performing well in school. He is an exceptional student that especially enjoys mathematics. When it comes to nutrition, Mi’Quan says he aims to be healthy for the football season. He snacks on oranges for optimal nutrition.

Mi'Quan Grace YFO

‘Football has taught me sportsmanship, teamwork and how to adapt to a team’.- MG


☆ 3 time National Champ         

☆ 3 time Superbowl Champ      

☆ 24-0 undefeated season    

☆ A.J. Green Camp ( Camper of the Day)                                                      

☆ Ohio University High School Skills Camp                                                

☆ Team Defensive M.V.P.                              

☆ Best Defensive Back  at Colerain High School Camp

Goals for 2014 Season:

  1. Win the championship
  2. Have at least 10 interceptions
  3. Lead team in tackling

Mi’Quan’s dad Mike describes his son as being quiet, humble and smart kid. Mike says, “His football IQ has always given him the edge. He was able to start on offense and defense because of his football smarts.”

Mi’Quan is currently being trained by University of Cincinnati DB coach Steve Clinkscale.  His coach, Coach Mincy, echos his Dad’s sentiment saying:

“Mi’Quan Grace is the smartest player I have ever coached, he makes my job easy. He knows every play and knows where everyone needs to be. He has through the roof love for football. A good kid all around. No trouble, good kid in community, great big brother and role model. Mi’Quan does the little things to beat you, doesn’t take plays off, even if down, he speaks up, REAL good role model!”

View Mi’Quan recovering a fumble here, (he’s #2).