Key Football Power Foods for Natural Energy

Broccoli benefits

We tell our athletes all the time that their body will only run as good as the food they put into it. For me coaching football goes well beyond the X’s and O’s- we are life coaches. We want what is best for our athletes in the classroom, with family, with HEALTH, and in football. Here are some uncommon foods that your players can eat that will inject a boost of clean and natural energy. I recommend having your child try these foods if they haven’t already. You might be surprised, they may actually like them.

Key Football Power Foods for Natural Energy

Kidney Beans 

Athletes will benefit from this nutrient dense super food, high in fiber, plant protein. The iron found in kidney beans plays a role in healthy bones.


Loaded with beta-carotene broccoli is considered one of the most nutrient-rich powerhouse foods your kids can eat.  Lutein found in broccoli helps support and maintain children’s vision.


A true vitamin and nutrient powerhouse, loaded with potassium that is good for athlete’s energy. The healthy fats found in avocados helps kids absorb nutrients from other foods.


Possessing important nutrients such as phosphorous, artichokes are an idea food for strengthening bones. Vitamin K found in this food has been found to boost cognitive abilities.

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