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Importance of Maintaining Composure- Don’t Do a Johnny Manziel

Johnny Manziel middle finger

If you happened to watch the Monday Night Football pre-season game earlier in the week, you were probably a little disappointed that the RG3 vs. Johnny Manziel matchup wasn’t as exciting as expected. After all it is the preseason. There was however that one instance in the game that may have made you say ‘WOW!’. In front of a national TV audience, Johnny Manziel pulled a truly classless gesture, directing his middle finger toward the opposing team’s sideline. Just a complete loss of composure. 

Yesterday, I heard Mike Lupica, writer for the Daily News NY newspaper and sports talk show host say this occurrence just wasn’t a big deal, that Johnny’s young and it was a heat of moment action. We disagree completely. Lupica has certainly never played football, nor does he understand the character that is built playing the game. The game isn’t about careless emotion, instead it is about discipline. Adolescence, from age 15-18, is typically the age of an persons introduction into adulthood, Manziel is a grown man and because of his star power, needs to start displaying maturity. 

The ramifications of this type of continued undisciplined, careless action could eventually hurt the game. Let’s keep mind, kids emulate what the pros do on the field.

As members of the elite youth football community comprised of coaches, athletes and parents, we can take away various lessons from Johnny Manziel’s middle finger fiasco.  Main point: importance of keeping your cool on the field. No matter what is said on the grass, a football coach, player and parent must maintain composure! 

Here is what Johnny’s middle finger toward his opponent displays: 

  • Lack of respect for the game.
  • Spat at the concept of sportsmanship with a single action.
  • Opposing teams are watching to see what gets under Johnny Manziel’s skin, now they are aware.
  • Shows no class.
  • Shows he was truly rattled.
  • NFL likely to impose a monetary penalty.
  • Embarrassed his team and coaches.
  • Lack of maturity.

What Johnny should have done was suck it up and play football. No matter what trash talking was being said on the field, it’s all about on-field play. Point out how dumb Johnny Manziel’s inappropriate gesture was to your team, make him an example of what not to do when it comes to good sportsmanship.