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YFO All-Stars Select- Jordan “Showtime” Cannon

jordan cannon YFO All-star

Name: Jordan “Showtime” Cannon

Position: RB/LB

State: Michigan

Favorite NFL Team: Seattle Seahawks

Favorite College: Michigan State

Favorite Football Memory: Jumped over kid on his way to scoring a touchdown

If One Superpower it would be:  Teleport, so he may be able to easily get into the endzone

Favorite Food: Chicken

Youth Football Online selects running back and linebacker Jordan “Showtime” Cannon as latest YFO All-Star. Jordan is an exceptional athlete with great vision and speed. His nickname “Showtime” is a appropriate because  he is electric when he touches the football. Jordan is able to find the hole and explode through it into the defense’s second level. He finishes runs well, often refusing to be tackled.

Jordan has fluent footwork rhythm. He is a smooth runner that breaks in and out of his cuts very quickly. Showtime is very difficult to tackle out in the open field and has the speed to out run the pursuing defenders.  He has no problem lowering his shoulder to earn some tough yards. From his game tape, it is also apparent that Jordan Cannon secures the football very well. He changes hands effortlessly, across his chest and away from defenders.

Jordan “Showtime” Cannon’s tips for running backs-Keep working hard, have good vision and do your best to get up field for positive yardage. Learn how to play RB, how to read the field and get out of the opponents way.”

Jordan’s dominance is not just limited on the offensive side of the football, he is an excellent linebacker as well. He plays very fast and does a nice job of tracking the football.  This kid does an excellent job in keeping his balance. He is strong on his feet, his athletic ability allows him to move and change direction quickly. Jordan does an excellent job of keeping his head up and running through the ball carrier. The result is a sure tackle. He does not miss many tackles and has the athleticism and speed to run kids down that break into the open field.  Another standout aspect of Jordan’s game is his ball hawk mentality. He flies to the ball and does not give up on the play.

Jordan was selected as the PLATINUM STAR AWARD as the #1 overall 5th grade player by National Sports Report Youth Ranking.

Speaking on his past year of football accomplishments, Jordan Cannon explains- ‘This season our team went 14-3 between regular season and post season. We lost in the championship to a team that we beat 19-7 in the regular season. Season and post season, I’ve scored 17 touchdowns, forced 7 fumbles, 7+ fumble recoveries, and had over 110 tackles this past season.’

Jordan Cannon’s 3 Keys to Excelling in Youth Football 

1. Always work hard.

2. Always condition.

3. Be the best athlete you can be.

Understanding of the importance of conditioning, this youth football athlete trains hard in the offseason. “My brother and my mother trains me during the offseason and spare time when I do not have practice. My mom and brother makes me workout for at least an hour.” says Jordan. 

Jordan stressed to us the importance of performing well in school. “School is important, it always comes first. I love science, I can be very creative in science and use my imagination.” says Jordan.  He was proud to mention that he was invited into the National Honors Society. His professional goal is to be a doctor or NFL player.

Jordan is an avid reader. His current book of choice is ‘Templeton Twins Have an Idea’ by Ellis Weiner. Jordan says that this book is about a whole bunch of crazy things, mainly about a smart person that creates things. Jordan is in a student group called America’s Battle of the Books, a reading incentive program for students in grades 3rd-12th. Students read books and come together to demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge of the books they have read. The competitions are similar in style to the TV series Family Feud or Whiz Kids styles of competition.

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