Pistol Formation- Jet Sweep

Pistol Formation- Jet Sweep

This pistol formation- jet sweep play is very explosive.   The pistol formation is a great way to spread the field and to take advantage of a mobile QB.   The jet sweep will allow the running back to receive the hand-off while running full speed. It will allow the running back to attack the edge of the defense quickly.  


Pistol Formation- Jet Sweep (Offensive Linemen)

The best thing about jet sweep out of the pistol is that you only have to get 2 defenders blocked to gain positive yardage.  On jet sweep the offensive line steps play-side, then looks to cut off defenders running to the football.  If the jet sweep is executed properly you do not have to block any defender inside a 4i technique (inside the o-tackle). What you want your offensive linemen to do is to step play-side, and try to cross the face of the D-linemen and look to cut off a linebacker running to the football.  Again, you do not have to block any A or B gap defenders, you just want your O-line to get a piece of them (cross face).  You can also have the kids just go through their base blocking scheme if your kids are having problems crossing face and cutting off.

Pistol Formation- Jet Sweep (Skilled Positions)

Tight-end (TE):  The tight-end will release and look to get to the middle safety. If the TE is able to get to and block the safety it can be the difference between a 15 gain or a touchdown.  If he cannot get to the safety, have him look to cut off defenders pursuing to the football.

Right Wing (4):  Will seal block the defensive end.  The wing back must take a wide outside leverage step, then move his feet and hips and seal the DE. The wing cannot allow the DE to cross his outside shoulder.

Left Wing (3):  Full speed jet motion on the first sound of the QB, taking the hand-off from the QB and getting outside the seal block.  The motion play cannot go or lean forward (gain ground) until the ball is snapped.

Half back (2):  Slightly off set to the jet sweep side. The (2) must lead block, taking the first defender outside the seal block.

QB (1): The QB will receive snap and hand-off to the  (3) back coming in motion. The QB must be 4 yards from the center.

Split-end (SE): Have the (SE) line up really wide, taking the CB out of the game.  The (SE) must stalk block the corner with inside leverage. If the CB is playing really hard man to man, then the SE can just run him off.

The Pistol Formation- Jet Sweep is starting to get popular on all levels of football.

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