Pistol Quarterback Sweep Play

Pistol Quarterback Sweep Play

This pistol quarterback sweep play attacks the edge of the defense with a mobile QB.  This play is out of the pistol formation with 3 players stacked to the right side. This heavy formation creates severe alignment conflict for the defense. This stack will create excellent blocking angles and double team opportunities at the point of attack.  This QB sweep play is best used on a fast snap count. The longer it takes for the kids to get aligned, get set, and go through the cadence the more time the defense has to adjust to the unbalanced formation.  Make sure the kids get to the line, get their splits, get down, and call the play.

Center (C): Block back backside defender if facing double A gap defenders. If there is a head up defender the center will block the head up defender.

Right Guard (RG): Inside- over- linebacker blocking scheme.  Secure inside gap first, if there is no inside gap defender, block defender over. If there is no over defender, look to get onto a linebacker.

Right Tackle (RT): Inside-over- linebacker blocking scheme.

Left Guard (LG): Inside-over-linebacker blocking scheme.

Right Tackle (RT): Inside-over-linebacker blocking scheme

Wide Receiver (WR): Blocks down on defensive end. Must hold outside leverage. This is the key seal block.

3-back (3): Lead block, look to block the cornerback.

4-back (4): Block down on first linebacker outside the (3). It will usually be the defender that is line up covering/over the (WR).

Tight-end (TE): Down block on any C-gap defender. If there is no C-gap defender look to cut off defenders pursuing to the football.

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