Handling Adversity in Youth Sports

A person’s true character will reveal itself when faced with adversity.  In youth sports it is vital that coaches are able to handle all forms of adversity. When a coach loses his composure during practices and games it will rub off negatively on the children.  Coaches that cannot handle adversity will not only alter their players performance, they will look unprofessional and ill mannered in front of the parents.

When things are not going well in youth sports it is crucial that Coach yelling at refcoaches keep their composure. When the kids see their coaches panicking, they will start to panic too. No matter how bad things are going make sure you keep your cool.  Here are things to make sure you avoid doing during adversity:

  • Keep cool, stay calm no matter what.
  • Head coaches need to make sure their coaching staff is keeping calm.
  • No yelling at referees.
  • No yelling at kids that is deemed unnecessary because of frustration. If the kid is giving a 100% effort, then there is nothing to yell at him about.  Aggressive mistakes are correctable with instruction/explanation!
  • Always coach hard. It does not matter if you are down 30-0, you do not stop coaching and you make sure your players still keep giving a solid effort.

Always remember to keep your composure when adversity presents itself.  I always gauge myself on how I react when things are not going well. Any coach can do well and look good when they have a talented team.  A Championship coach can handle and fight through adversity consistently.  The great thing about youth football is that it requires handling sudden change and adversity.  When the parents see mass panic on the sidelines, it is not a good thing.

Pride yourselves on being professional and winning tough situations!

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