The Gridiron Brotherhood

The Gridiron Brotherhood

Military, Firefighting, FOOTBALL. All I have been involved in from a child until now. Football forms a brotherhood between boys up until they are men. Many kids have their few friends at a young age, then they reach the school age and start making more friends. Parents get their children involved in team sports early but many are scared to start them in football until they are older, whether it is due to the concussion stories or to them saying “I don’t think they are ready to play football yet.”

So my answer is simple, football is not always about seeing how great your child is, or how tough they will be. Instead football will show great sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, and brotherhood. To go along with this they actually get to play rough with their friends (and others that they meet at practices), and are in a competitive atmosphere to teach them that there is always winning and losing in competition along with life.

I am the Head Coach of the 8 year olds, with a son that started when he turned 7. Myself and my staff come together to make football a fun sport for the kids to enjoy. Of course we want to see these kids win but at this age all the way up until they graduate high school we strive to teach these kids discipline, safety, teamwork and as I stated before brotherhood. At the young ages like this we have more time to stress the teamwork and brotherhood aspect so that when they become older they will keep these lessons in mind. I think the ages from 8-10 are the best years in football, it is so exciting to see some who may have never played the sport excel, whether it is physically or becoming a leader on the field. The benefit of football along with a great teacher (coach) will teach your child many aspects of life that they will use from their youth through adulthood, then pass on the coaching that they received from their coaches to others.

Don’t think of it as starting football early is going to make my player better in the sport, but think of it as starting football early will teach my child a way of life; making them a better person while helping others.


Coach Mike Yarbrough

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