Fullback Dive Play in Youth Football

The Fullback Dive Play in youth football is a fast hitting interior play. This is one of the best plays in football because it is a fast hitting play. This play is also very deceptive if the QB and TB carry out a good fake. The Dive Play is great because it is a straight ahead run that only requires you to block 2 or 3 defenders to gain yardage. It’s a great run for short yardage and there are also several different ways you can block this play. You can just base block it (big on big) or you can utilize double teams on the nose and/or defensive tackle.  Many times the nose guard will shoot an A-gap and if he shoots the wrong A-gap, the dive will hit big.

Fullback Dive Play in Youth Football

Center: Block the nose guard.

Right Guard: Block middle linebacker. If you are facing a dominate nose guard double team him (center & guard).

Right Tackle: Block defensive tackle.

Left Guard: Linebacker.

Left Tackle: Block defensive tackle.

Tight-end (Y): Work onto linebacker.

Split-end (X): Stalk block cornerback. If the cornerback is playing press man coverage, just have the (X) run off.

Flanker (Z): Stalk block the cornerback. If the cornerback is play playing press man coverage, just have the (Z) run off.

Quarterback (1): Turn and hand to the (FB), fake toss sweep to the (TB). It’s important that the QB carries out his fake.

Fullback (FB): Aiming point is the inside foot of the (RG), take handoff and get upfield.

Tailback (TB): Fake toss sweep to the right. The (TB) must execute a good fake, this will hold defenders and get the linebackers to fly out of the box.

Coaching Points 

  • A good fake is needed by the tailback. He has to really show like he is receiving the toss. A good fake is critical as it will make linebackers fly out of the box and it will hold edge defenders.
  • You can utilize double teams at the point of attack if the defense has good defensive linemen.
  • This is a great play to take advantage of penetrating defensive linemen. You let them take themselves right out of the play.
  • The (FB) must hit the hole quickly! This is a fast- downhill play that must hit quickly. Put that (FB) in a good 3-point stance and have him explode downhill.

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