Football Preparation During Covid-19

Youth football speed and agility drill

We can not predict what will happen next in the youth sports world in the coming weeks and months due to the impact of Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus). There is much speculation as to how local leagues will be effected by the current pandemic. Will parents want their children to participate in sports? Will the current trepidation spark a downtick in youth football participation? We certainly hope not.

In this unusual time that finds us confined in the limited square footage of our homes, it is important for us all to find ways to continue to improve. Athletes have to stay conditioned and prepare for the start of the season (whenever that will be). It’s a good time to work your football drills.

Here is what you can do to get better during the current government mandated quarantine –

Coaches may consider using virtual conditioning practices via video conferencing tools such as Zoom, to connect and conduct a coach supervised at-home practice. We have heard success stories of coaches conducting these virtual practices around the country. The obvious benefit of this is that your team may continue to practice social distancing while getting work in!

Drills at home. We partnered up with Coach Brian at Exit 9 Strength in East Brunswick, NJ to focus in on at-home strength, speed and agility drills.

Wall Drill

Wall drills. Helps to break down running mechanics.


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Mini Hurdle Drill

Mini Hurdle drill. With an emphasis of picking up knees, hurdles allow us to add movement. Ensure good posture, with knees up and feet going.


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Lunge Drill

Walking Lunge drill. Here are a couple good running technique with lower body strength exercises.


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Air Squat

Air squat. Feet outside hips, toes forward, shoulders back and maintain good posture. Emphasize explosion on the way up.


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Change of Direction Drill

Cone to cone drills for athletes to learn change of direction.


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Our lives are collectively disrupted for the foreseeable future, this is most certainly true. Though just as this wave of panic and uncertainty has entered into our lives, it will pass. Stay hungry, keep training. Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean you should working to become stronger, faster, and more agile.


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