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YFO All-Star Selects RB/S Domonique Martin II

Name: Domonique “Deuce The Truth” Martin II

State: Oklahoma

Position: RB, Safety

Team: 8U Impact

Meet Domonique “Deuce The Truth” Martin II, our newest YFO All-star selection. What stood out during our interview with Domonique was that he was very decisive with his answers. He made sure to really think about his responses so that he can provide quality answers. I was very impressed with his high level of football IQ. He talked several times about how it is important to have good ball security. This is a credit to his coaches and to Domonique’s ability to be coachable. During our interview with Domonique he was very well mannered and he spoke very well for his age. His interview was very impressive for his young age.

Domonique was selected to participate in the CCE Texas All-Star Game. There are only a handful of players that are selected to play in the all-star game. This is a major accomplishment and it is a testament to his football ability. Domonique not only excels on the football field, but he also excels in the classroom. Last school year Domonique received all A’s on his report card for the full school year. He is on pace to receive all A’s again this year.

Domonique " Deuce The Truth" Martin II

YFO: What is your favorite play? Why?

Domonique: My favorite play is 38 toss. This play gets me outside. I like to use my speed and run outside. This is my favorite play because I can use my speed and score a lot of touchdowns.

YFO: What does it take to be a good running back?

Domonique: You need to have ball security. When you are running the ball you can’t fumble. Sometimes the other team will try and make you fumble so it’s important  that you secure the football.  You need to be fast and have agility. You have to be able to out run the defense or run them over when you have to get yardage.

YFO: What does it take to be a good safety?

Domonique: You must be able to tackle. If you want to be good on defense you have to tackle. You have to be able to read the field and tackle the running back. You need speed and good hands to play safety. You need good hands so you can get fumbles and get interceptions.

YFO: What do you like best about playing football?

Domonique: I like that it is tough. It’s a physical and fast sport. It keeps in me good shape because we do a lot of running and training during practice. I like football because I am able to play with some of my friends.

YFO: What has football taught you?

Domonique: It taught me how to tackle the right way so I don’t get hurt. I learned how to listen and do what the coaches say.  I also learned teamwork and how to work together with my team. I learned how to block and run too.

YFO: What do you like best about playing RB?

Domonique: I like scoring touchdowns and running the ball. I like using my speed  and I like trying to run people over too. I like that I get to block for my teammates and run and catch the football too.


Domonique Martin

YFO: What do you like best about playing defense?

Domonique: I like tackling and stopping people from scoring touchdowns. I like working with my teammates to make stops on defense.

YFO: What do you do to train for football?

Domonique: I do ladder drills, running drills, handoffs, and how to carry the football drills. My dad helps me train for the football season.

YFO: Tell us about school, favorite class? Are you reading any books?

Domonique: Math because I like dividing and multiplying. School is important because you get to learn lots of stuff. I like reading football and basketball books, they are easy to read and interesting.

YFO: Do you have a favorite teacher?

Domonique: Yes, I do- Ms. Adams. She is a nice and fun teacher. She is next door to us.

YFO: How do you feel football helps you in the classroom?

Domonique: Football helps you to pay attention, it’s important. It’s listening and it’s teamwork.

YFO: How important is nutrition in football? What are your favorite foods?

Domonique: It is important. If you eat junk food, you can end up getting sick and not feel good.  My favorite foods are asparagus, bananas, spaghetti, pizza and raman noodles.

YFO: Why should your friends play football?

Domonique: Football helps with anger. They will get faster and learn how to listen..

YFO: If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Domonique: Speed because I’d like to run around the world in 2 seconds.

Domonique’s dad Xavier tells us- Domonique is an interesting child, h’es the only boy in the house. He is a straight A student in school. Domonique was one of 125 players nominated to play in Texas All-star game. He’s been playing since age 5, and every year he gets better and better. Dominique is fascinating to me.